Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a popular choice among many customers looking for stylish yet practical blind suitable for any room. We have a vast range of Roman blinds to meet any need. Are you ready for Roman blinds? Take a look for yourself at our Roman blinds range below to discover a blind suited to your interior design tastes. 

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Why should I choose Roman Blinds?

Well, for one, Roman blinds bring a touch of soft-fabric, sophistication into your home without the huge price tag. Plus, they're available in a wide range of colours to match your style, so you won't be disappointed. Are Roman blinds worth it? We'd say so! 

How do I measure for Roman blinds?

Measuring for Roman blinds is pretty straight forward. Once you’ve chosen your colour option, just measure - in millimetres and ideally with a metal tape measure - the recess of the window to give you the height (drop) and width measurements. Then use our on-page calculator to get your price - it’s that simple! Please note: At least 30mm is needed to fit Roman blinds in a recess

How to fit Roman blinds?

Fitting Roman blinds can be a simple process with the right tools and know-how. In simplistic terms, mark the brackets in each corner of the recess, using a masonry drill, drill the relevant holes and insert a raw plug. Screw the brackets in place and then lift the blind into place. The cord retaining device must be installed at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent looped cords from becoming slack. If you need some further guidance, please take the time to read our Guide to Roman Blinds blog

How do I clean Roman blinds?

How to clean Roman blinds? is often one of the most asked questions when it comes to blind maintenance. The correct answer depends on the properties of your chosen blind fabric. Some roman blind fabrics can cleaned with hand held vacuum cleaners or a hand held steam cleaner for more stubborn marks.