How to Measure for Velux Window Blinds

Velux windows were originally designed with better living environments in mind. Additional fresh air and sunlight being the two biggest benefits.

Soon after came the demand for Velux window blinds. As a relatively new product, Velux windows were manufactured in set sizes. This makes the measuring process a whole lot easier.

However, there are now a host of other companies designing skylights. Here’s what to look out for when measuring for Velux window blinds.

Here’s our handy guide for measuring for Velux window blinds:

1. This skylight measuring guide works for the following:

  • Blinds for Velux Windows
  • Blinds for Fakro Windows
  • Blinds for Keylite Windows
  • Blinds for Rooflite Windows
  • Blinds for Dakstra Windows

2. Measuring for Velux window blinds

No need for a toolbox just yet! If you’re lucky, what you’re looking for will be displayed on a small plate on the inside of the window frame.

What you’re looking for is a small code. Depending on the age and brand of your window, the length or style may vary but it should be fairly obvious.

There are usually two parts to the Velux window code - the window type and the window size. The first part (often 3 letters) is not required when purchasing blinds for velux windows.

The important part is the window size and can be up to 4 characters long, depending on the age. Earlier windows will only have a couple of characters whereas later versions may have up to 4.

If you’ve managed to find the code, make a note of it and be ready to supply us with it when ordering your blinds.

3. What if you cannot find the code on your Velux window?

Don’t panic. If the code has faded or non-existent, you’ll just have to go old school with your measuring methods. Now you’ll need your toolbox. Get yourself a tape measure, pen and notepad. From your measurements, we should be able to identify the window it is, in order to successfully complete your order.

Measuring width for Velux window blinds

You will need to be measuring the visible glass, edge to edge. We advise doing this in at least a couple of places on the glass (top and bottom). Make a note of each measurement in centimetres (cm) to the closest millimeter (mm). The smallest of these will be the best one to supply us with.

Measuring length for Velux window blinds

To measure the length (or drop) of your Velux window, again take your tape measure and take two measurements of the window (left and right). Your measurements should be from the very edge and supplied to the nearest millimetre.

4. Check your measurements

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Accurate measurements are essential for us supplying you with the perfect blinds for your velux window. Once you’re happy you have the exact measurements, there’s only one thing left to do!

5. Selecting your ideal Velux window blinds

We have a range of Velux window blinds in different styles and colours for you to choose from. Spend some time considering the ideal blind to work for your environment.