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At Blinds4You, we've compiled a comprehensive list of measuring guides to ensure you're fully equipped with the right guidance to measuring your perfect blind.

Please ensure you know which type of fitting (Exact or Recess) you want and the type of window where the blind will hang. You can read further details on this here:

How to Measure for Blinds

Recess Fitting

This is the most common fitting of blinds. What you’ll need here is to measure three different widths within the recess: the top, middle and bottom. Always ensure you measure the full width of the recess and not just the window frame and write down the smallest of the three

To measure the drop (length), follow the same process as described above, however taking a measurement at the left, middle and right and write down the smallest.

It’s important to remember we always use centimeters (cm) when measuring for blinds so please note down your measurements in cm.

Exact Fitting

If you want your blind to cover the whole window recess then measure the width by deciding where you’d like the blind to cover, and write this down in cm.

Next, you need to measure the drop. Again, measure from where you want the rail to be at the top, and where the blind will end. Jot this down in cm’s and you’re good to go.