How to Clean Your Blinds

The best way to clean your blinds and keep them looking their best really depends on what kind of blinds you have. We put together handy tips on how to clean vertical, roller, roman, venetian, pleated, wooden and faux wooden venetian blinds.
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Vertical Blinds  

Our vertical blinds are best cleaned with a microfibre cloth, or duster brushes, these will remove any surface dust. Dusting the blinds regularly will stop any surface dust building up. If you do need to take them down to wash them, you should do so carefully, the slats should never be folded. Using lukewarm or cold water only, if your removing any stains use a small amount of water, damp the blinds and ensure to rub gently with a soft cloth to remove any stains. Once the blinds are clean, try to remove as much water excess as you can, you can do this by using a soft towel to pat dry, then just hang them back on the rail to completely dry.  


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Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds rarely get dirty, usually because they are rolled up most of the day, so this will avoid stains or any marks on them. Using the roller blind regularly will help to avoid any huge amounts of dust gathering. However, we still must make sure they are looking their best, another way is a brush assortment from your vacuum, this is recommended to keep the blinds free from dust. A damp cloth is also one of ones we recommend, if necessary you could use a small amount of washing up liquid to remove any marks or stains. When done cleaning, try to absorb as much moisture from the blinds, you can use a towel to do this, leave completely rolled out until 100% dry, then you may roll them back up.   


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Roman Blinds 

Ever wondered how to clean your roman blind? We have the answer right here! If it is for a small mark on the fabric, you can use a damp cloth to clean it, this should remove any small stains. For any dust on the fabric, you can simply just use a upholstery attachment from your hoover to dust it down, bearing in mind to be gentle to ensure you don’t damage the fabric. Another option would be to have them dry cleaned, this will guarantee a safe way of cleaning them.  


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Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds are very easy to clean and maintain, making them look their best in no time. Dusting venetian blinds is an option to clean them, just grab a duster or a soft microfibre cloth, this will ensure to remove the dust off, making them look as new as ever. You’re better starting off in the centre of the blinds and going to each side to ensure dust doesn’t move along the slat. If you’re looking to remove marks from the aluminium venetian blinds, a biodegradable baby wipe will do the trick, it’s the best way to remove any marks.  


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Wood Venetian Blinds

Our wooden venetian range is a very delicate, popular blind, if it is just for a little spot / stain on the blind, a paper towel or kitchen roll usually does the trick just by rubbing it on the affected area, if you add a little drop of wood cleaner to a soft cloth and wipe it, this usually helps. If your looking for a more thorough clean, the best way is a microfibre cloth or as silly as it sounds a sock, wipe between each slat to ensure all dust / dirt is clear. This may be a longer process, you’ll need to tilt the slats to ensure you clean them properly. A feather or any soft duster brush will also do the trick for a lighter clean if you keep it up regularly.  


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Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are stylish and timeless, no matter what room they end up in you can be sure they will look great. Cleaning these blinds are a quick and easy task to maintain, they don’t need cleaned often, but now and again to make sure they’re looking the best they can be. A feather duster or a clean cloth can do the trick, you just have to wipe away any dirt / dust ensuring it is dust free, this will make them look as good as new again. If you’re trying to remove any marks or stains, a cloth and lukewarm water is the best option, just simply wipe damp cloth over the affected area. Once its looking as good as new again and stain free, use a dry cloth to just gently remove any excess water. Taped blinds are just as easy to manage and maintain – they require the same treatment, light wipe down with lukewarm water.  


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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are becoming more popular, here is a few tips on how you can keep yours clean! You could use the upholstery brush attachment from your hoover to clean the blinds, ensuring you don’t press too hard against them otherwise you may end up wrinkling or ripping the fabric. You can also use a damp (not wet) sponge using lukewarm water to wipe across the pleats. Avoid using fabric conditioner on the blinds as this can stain the material, another tip is start from the top down to ensure you don’t give yourself double the work. Lukewarm water is the perfect solution for removing any stains 

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