Are Roman Blinds Worth It?

Depending on how you’ve dressed your window in the past, Roman blinds can introduce an entirely new feel and aesthetic appeal. Window spaces are often overlooked when considering the interior design of a room, but as the focal point of light, how they are dressed will determine your room’s overall ambience.

Roman blinds are a stylish and practical solution for any space. A touch of soft fabric with a suitable colour tone and enticing texture can bring the desired sophistication you require. Moreover, the made-to-measure fit and easy-installation instructions make for a swift process without the weighty price tag.


What Are Roman Blinds?

As the name suggests, Roman blinds aren't exactly a new invention and have been used to cover all kinds of openings for many years. Originally, a singular piece of damp fabric would be hung over an opening to prevent dust drifting in from newly renovated Roman roads. They would also keep a space cool during warmer times too. It was very much a function rather than a fashion.

However, as time went by, and the Romans became more complex and considerate, so did their interiors. Later developed with operating cords,(to enable them to be controlled by lowering or raising them), and with the ability to dye and print patterns on the fabrics, Roman blinds became a staple.

Nowadays, Roman blinds offer an attractive alternative to the likes of roller, vertical and venetian blinds.


Why Should You Choose Roman Blinds For Your Window?

If you have a window space with a radiator beneath it, curtains are not going to cut it. Roman blinds are the ideal alternative, if you desire cosier conditions, control of the amount of light you allow in and privacy protection from peering eyes! 

Plus, all of these reasons too… 

  • Roman blinds are neat & tidy in tight spaces

In smaller spaces where furniture in the form of coffee tables, armchairs and lamps take centre stage, Roman blinds are the perfect compromise. Unlike curtains, you do not have to drape or cascade them over whatever else is in your room. Covering up walls and window frames with curtains looks untidy and detracts light from the space even more. In contrast, Roman blinds fold away neatly and keep things a lot more contemporary. 

  • Roman blinds are favourable for their fabrics

A range of plain or patterned fabrics for Roman blinds can be easily acquired to create contrast or coordinate with your chosen colour scheme. The same fabric can then be extended to produce soft furnishings in and around the room.

The thickness and weight of your fabric also provides flexible options. For a sumptuously smooth and lavish sheen, faux silks are a good lightweight option. Durability and longevity can be found in medium weight cottons and blended linens, and anything non-stretch will leave crisp sharp folds, for that desirable finish. For an added voluptuous appeal, look to velvets and pure wool fabrics - these will also add a layer of insulation too.

  • Roman blinds lend themselves to every room

Consider your kitchen. A space full of acute corners and shiny surfaces. Roman blinds will bring an instant softness and counteract mundane materials with colour and persona. Living areas can be made to look more luxurious and blackout Roman blinds benefit the bedroom for a better night's sleep.

  • Roman blinds are more affordable than you think
The fascinating history and list of favourable functionalities and flexibility of Roman blinds mentioned above is not reflected in the cost. Considering the quality of the fabric, the fit and fashionability of Roman blinds, they are not that expensive. If well looked-after, Roman blinds can last you a lifetime or at least until the next time you choose to decorate!


Roman Blinds at Blinds4You

Roman blinds are a recent addition to our range. Although they’re new, you still benefit from our brand promises. So, feel free to order a sample before purchase, chat with our experts and receive an instant price for your made-to measure Roman blinds. 

Brilliant Aqua Roman Blinds

Reinvigorate a room with these refreshing Roman blinds from only £49.89! We hope you’d agree that the vivid vibrancy of these lifts the entire space and makes for a more tranquil working environment. 

Aqua Roman Blind

Brave Grey Roman Blinds

We’re in favour of how these bold blinds complement the furniture and soft furnishings in this bedroom space. Bedtime becomes even more appealing with prices from £35.00!

Grey Roman Blind

Rearranging or refreshing your window’s appearance is one of the most dramatic changes you can make to a room’s interior. It's also one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to enhance the atmosphere in any room. So, are Roman blinds worth it? We’d say so. Why not do some further research by browsing the wonderful range of Roman blinds we have to offer?



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