A Guide to Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a classic type of window covering, used in all sorts of spaces to fit a range of interior design styles. They can offer full coverage from glaring sunlight, and are lightweight and minimalist compared to heavy curtains, making them the perfect choice for any size room, in any part of the house. The flat design means Roman blinds are a great way to showcase a particular fabric pattern or colour, but they also look just as good kept plain for a chic finishing touch.

Roman Blinds at Blinds4You

The Roman blind was first created during - you guessed it - the Roman Empire, born out of a need for something to keep houses cool and dust-free. With only a little reworking of the mechanism, what started out as a piece of damp cloth hung over a window is now a design loved and used all over the world. Cord is attached to plastic slats or rods mounted onto a panel of fabric, which can then be pulled up so that it overlaps and forms pleats, allowing it to be adjusted to the desired length. Simple! 

This timeless style is often chosen for its versatility and ability to look good anywhere, while also being practical and providing an interesting, often much more affordable, alternative to curtains. Here are some of our favourite things about Roman blinds, and why you should choose them for your home:

Roman Blinds Are Versatile 

Roman blinds have the possibility of looking good in all shapes and sizes. If you’re struggling to find soft furnishings to use in every room, these blinds are a great way to streamline your home decor and create continuity. All it requires is some simple measuring!

There is also the choice of fitting them inside or outside the window recess. Inside can look sleeker and tidier, but is not the best option for smaller windows as it tends to restrict the light. Alternatively, with an outside fitting you have more control over how much light is let in, as well as being able to maintain full use of the windowsill. 

Roman Blinds Give You Freedom

Whether you favour a contemporary or traditional approach to interiors, there are so many design variations to choose from when it comes to Roman blinds. 

The understated elegance lends itself to muted tones, so creams or greys would work well in a room where simplicity is key, but a blind can also act as a design statement. Pairing the blind with a feature wall could be an exciting way to add colour and depth to your room.  

Milano Lime Roman Blind

Roman Blinds Are Practical 

The great thing about Roman blinds is that many are made using a layer of blackout lining, with no impact on the overall look. At Blinds4You we use blackout lining that offers complete privacy, shade from the sun’s glare, and an element of heat regulation. In summer the warmth is kept out, while in winter, the extra layer of blackout insulation is perfect for keeping the cosy heat in. At Blinds4you we offer all the benefits of blackout lining for free. Simply upgrade when choosing your lining type.  

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