Are You Ready for Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are becoming increasingly popular amongst our customers and interior design enthusiasts. This is no doubt down to their sophisticated and stylish appearance, as well their new-found affordability.

Making the transition from a wooden Venetian or vertical blind to a Roman blind will instantly soften your window space. Instead of dramatic lines, a Roman blind helps to cushion the aesthetic of the room, making it feel cosier and less cold. So, are Roman blinds worth it?

Roman Blinds Made to Measure

Like all our blinds, your Roman blinds will be made to measure. By inputting your measurements on our website, we will have your blinds custom built to fit your requirements. This gives you peace of mind that your Roman blinds will slot seamlessly into your window space without the worry of any gaping gaps!

How to Measure for Roman Blinds

Here at Blinds4You we appreciate and understand that all windows are different and the measuring of said space can cause confusion. That’s why we’ve developed a Roman Blinds Measuring Guide to help assist you. However, if you’re still unsure about anything, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to support you.

How to Fit Roman Blinds

Once your Roman blinds arrive, you will want to install them with maximum ease and minimum fuss. Make the most of our Fitting Guide for Roman Blinds and get to grips with what you’ll need to do before diving in at the deep end. Again, if you need any further advice, reach out to us.

Fabric Roman Blinds

Fabric blinds are definitely making a comeback. They’re more affordable than ever before and Roman blinds, in particular, offer a luxuriousness that separates them from the rest.

Windows that could be easily overwhelmed by a pair of curtains may benefit from a Roman blind for a cleaner and tidier look. The fabric fold is memorised making their appearance consistent and the control of additional privacy or less light in your home super easy.

Also, the fact that Roman blinds are made from one singular piece of fabric means there’s no way for light to sneak between gaps or slats, making for a controlled and more private environment.

Fabrics, of course, come in an array of colours which means Roman blinds can adapt to a wide range of interiors and tastes.


Grey Roman Blinds

The shade of grey selected can really determine the atmosphere of the environment where you place your Roman blinds. Dark greys are great for contrast whilst light grey blinds can blend into any contemporary setting.

Glide Grey Roman Blind

Glide Silver Grey Roman Blinds


Blue Roman Blinds

There’s something indicative about blue Roman blinds. Perhaps a rich, royal blue signals the wealth of the empire from where they originated or aquatic blue tones suggest a level of tranquillity.

Brilliant Navy Blue Roman Blinds

Magnificent Powered Blue Roman Blinds


Beige Roman Blinds

One for the organic brigade. Natural and neutral colours like beige are widely acceptable in most interior environments, especially where there’s a Scandinavian or vintage influence. Beige roman blinds are among the most popular colours in our collection.

Brilliant Oatmeal Beige Roman Blinds


Green Roman Blinds

Green Roman blinds are maybe for the more ambitious and adventurous interior designers. Bright greens can be quite striking whilst offering ace energy, whereas dark green blinds can help to resemble nature indoors.

Brilliant Evergreen Roman Blinds

Blackout Thermal Roman Blinds

Although Roman blind fabric lining can be quite thick, preventing light from penetrating and heat from escaping, for a truly effective Roman blind, opt for the thermal blackout lining option on your product.

That’s right, you read it correctly, Roman blinds with blackout lining can be energy efficient as well as stylish and practical. Learn more about this in our Energy Saving Blinds blog.

Affordable Roman Blinds

In years gone by, expensive fabrics have caused the cost of Roman blinds to inflate. Today, however, you can now access quality fabric Roman blinds at affordable prices.

There's an assumption that made to measure Roman blinds created from a singular length of fabric would be costly but it’s not the case.

Blinds4You work hard to ensure you can get the product you want for your interior without breaking the bank. Shop our Roman blinds collection with prices starting from as little as £21.35 and upgrade your home’s window spaces!

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