What Kind of Blinds are in Style 2023?

Towards the end of last year, we revealed to you our most popular blinds of 2022, in terms of sales. However, we noticed other blind trends beginning to gather momentum. 

So, to kick off this year, we thought we’d give you our expert insight into what type of blinds are in style 2023. Here are the ones to watch and worth adding to your interior. 

Blackout Blinds

It comes as no surprise that blackout blinds feature in our 2023 top trending blinds list. Prior to blackout lining in blinds, lighter coloured (and even some dark coloured blinds) served a purpose for privacy but fell short when it came to light prevention. 

Blackout blinds are the go-to blind for bedrooms and entertainment rooms where you want to minimise the amount of light entering the room via the window. 

The good news is that blackout blinds are available in a range of styles and colours to suit your individual requirements and tastes. Choose from our vast collection of Blackout Roller Blinds, Blackout Electric Roller Blinds, Blackout Vertical Blinds, Blackout Pleated Blinds, Blackout Day & Night Blinds, Blackout Perfect-Fit Blinds and Blackout Roof Blinds. 

St Kilda FR Marine Blackout Roller Blind

Blackout Roller Blind Navy Blue

Barcelona Canyon Brown Vertical Blackout Blind

Barcelona Canyon Brown Vertical Blinds

Cream Blackout Roof Blind

Cream Roof Blinds

Thermal Blinds

Thermal blinds help to regulate the temperature in your home. Cellular technology (sometimes known as ‘honeycomb’ design) traps heat in air pockets in an effort to either keep heat from entering or escaping your window space. 

By keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, people are looking to thermal blinds as an unlikely solution to controlling the temperature in any given space. Now dubbed as ‘energy saving blinds’, they are seen as a genuine cost-saving solution and a way of reducing household bills. 

Our Perfect-Fit Pleated Blinds with cellular and blackout properties are available in a range of colours and adapt to any environment. Take your pick. 

Amalfi Blackout Thermal Taupe Pleated Blind

Amalfi Blackout Taupe Pleated Blind


Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds, such as Roman Blinds, offer a plush and luxurious feel to your window space. Due to their soft fabric, Roman blinds fold and unfold with an air of sophistication and style. 

The textures and colours can be reflected in your interior design elsewhere, making these fabric blinds both favourable and functional.

With free blackout lining available, our Roman blinds come with all of the quality without the cost. Plus, they’re available in an abundance of colours! 

Magnificent Silver Fabric Roman Blind

Magnificent Silver Fabric Roman Blinds


Colourful Blinds

Adding a pop of colour to your environment can really enhance its atmosphere. Colourful blinds are a simple but impactive way of achieving a certain energy or charm in your home. 

The days of playing it safe may be behind us as colourful blinds continue to capture the imagination of our customers. 

Shop the entire colour spectrum of blinds until you discover the one to create a contrast or complement the other colour tones of the room.

Orange Autumn Breeze Venetian Blinds

Orange Autumn Breeze Venetian Blinds

Barcelona Cacti Green Roller Blind

Barcelona Cacti Green Roller Blind


Multi-Coloured Blinds

For a statement blind with a bit of difference, multi-coloured blinds and patterned blinds are the way forward for 2023.

Stand-out from the crowd and add the wow factor to your home by choosing a blind with creative colour combinations and patterns. 

We have a vast selection of multi-coloured blinds which contain geometric patterns, stripes, and even floral blinds for that touch of the outdoors indoors. 

Eigg Glow Roller Blind

Eigg Glow Roller Blind

Porto Tropical Green Pleated Blind

Porto Tropical Green Pleated Blind


Best Blinds for 2023

Beyond the selection of blinds we think will be in style in 2023, we also have plenty of other stylish blinds on offer with all kinds of practical features included. So, no matter what you’re looking for this year, we have the Blinds4You. 

The best blinds are the ones which make your home feel and function the way you want it too. And if our blinds don’t quite fit the look you require, why not opt for a curtain instead? 

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