Energy Saving Blinds - A Genuine Cost Saving Solution

Energy saving tips are being offered up left, right and centre. Yet, it’s difficult to distinguish between sure-fire solutions and soundbites that are somewhat insignificant when it comes to truly saving money.

Truth be told, Blinds4You have long been promoting blinds with energy saving and environmentally friendly features, as well as tips for controlling the temperature in your home. This is largely down to the facts. The science and evidence is there, so we try to educate our audiences. 

Blinds Energy Saving Evidence

The cost of living continues to spiral and whilst new blinds may not be on the top of your spending agenda, they may well be a worthwhile investment.

It’s argued that certain types of window coverings can reduce heat loss in your home by around 30-40%, and if managed correctly, your overall household energy bills could reduce by 10-15%.

The right blind can last you decades. So whilst new blinds are an upfront cost, they continue to work hard to help you save money throughout the year. That’s right, energy saving blinds  can help control the temperature of your home throughout the summer season too, meaning less use of electric fans and air conditioning units, saving you even more energy.

Energy Saving Blinds

A window covering of any kind will provide a protective layer and act as an insulate barrier but you will find better results from blinds designed with that purpose in mind.

Made-to-measure blinds or perfect-fit blinds reduce the area where heat can escape from your window space and offer part of the solution.

True energy saving blinds are designed and built with purposeful energy saving features. You should look for, and research, blackout blinds, honeycomb or cellular blinds, thermal blinds and blinds with reflective properties, in order to find the best blinds for your situation.

Energy Saving Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are an excellent eco-friendly choice. A singular layer of fabric flexes and folds as it reduces and extends, creating a seamless layer between your window space and your room, resulting in a worthy window covering.

Available in a wide range of modern and contemporary designs and fabrics to suit your taste, pleated blinds are also incredibly functional and adaptable.

Shop the Pleated Blind collection. 

Porto Tropical Green Pleated Blinds - Now from only £21.00

This oriental inspired design is guaranteed to bring the beauty of nature to your home and give you peace of mind when it comes to heat loss and energy savings.

Porto Tropical Green Pleated Blinds


Perfect Fit Sydney Spiced Honey Pleated Blinds - Now from only £24.00

Designed to be subtle and sophisticated as well as providing a perfect-fit to prevent further heat loss.

Perfect Fit Sydney Spiced Honey Pleated Blinds

Energy Saving Cellular Blinds

The so-called ‘honeycomb’ design of a cellular window blind creates air pockets which act as a thermal barrier, trapping warm air, and helping to keep the heat in during winter and out in summer.

Sleek in style and simple to install and control, these blinds are a favourite for energy saving enthusiasts, as well as interior designers.

Shop the Cellular Blind collection.

Amalfi Blackberry Brown Pleated Blinds - Now from only £22.50

Add depth and warmth into your living area by introducing this delightful blind with deep brown tones and grain effect for impact. Allow the cellular technology to keep your room as cosy as the blinds aesthetics.

Amalfi Blackberry Brown Pleated Blinds

Perfect Fit Dubrovnik Twill Pleated Blinds - Now from only £26.00

An attractive pleating effect on the front with a honeycomb fabric acting behind the scenes that will give your home appeal and help prevent heat loss. Energy efficient blinds never looked so good.

Perfect Fit Dubrovnik Twill Pleated Blinds

Energy Saving Thermal Blinds 

Thermal blinds have aluminium lined, honeycomb pockets that trap air and work to create a thermal barrier between the window and your home, reducing heat loss by reflecting the heat back into the room. Ideal for the colder months to come.

Shop the Thermal Blind collection

Amalfi Blackout Rogue Thermal Pleated Blinds - From only £24.00

Whatever the weather outside, the temperature remains regulated inside with these thermal blinds. The textured weave is a bonus, as is saving money on your bills!

Amalfi Blackout Rogue Pleated Blinds

Amalfi Blackout Dove Grey Thermal Pleated Blinds - From only £35.99

The blackout and thermal effect makes this blind more of a benefit to the home than the elegant and minimalist window treatment seen here.

Amalfi Blackout Dove Grey Pleated Blinds

How Do Blinds Save You Energy?

As stated above, particular design features embedded into the blinds allow science to do what comes naturally and prevent heat from entering or leaving your premises via your window space.

However, throughout the year, in certain seasons, it is wise to intervene and manually control the positioning of your blinds, to maximise results in energy saving and reducing costs.

Energy Saving Blind Control

Depending on if you’re trying to heat or cool your home, adjusting your blinds accordingly can play a great role in heat reduction and retention.

We recently wrote a blog surrounding blind control for the summer but, as we edge nearer to winter, controlling your blinds to keep the heat in employs different methods.

During cold nights, heat from within your home escapes through gaps underneath doors and  window spaces. Closing the blinds at the right time adds insulation to the windows. For example, as you turn your heating on, close your blinds to prevent heat loss. However, if you’re out during the day, leave your blinds open and allow any penetrative sunlight to warm your space through the window.

Cost Saving Blinds at Blinds4You

Good news. We’ve introduced an Energy Saving Sale with discounts of up to 50% to help combat the cost of living and bring you affordable blinds that will help save energy and reduce household energy bills. Plus, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your first order!

If you require any assistance, feel free to get in touch and ask us any questions.

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