The Best Blinds from 2022

The new year is just around the corner and it’s the time of year when we reflect on the events throughout the year. We have done the same and have put together a selection of our top-selling blinds of 2022. The real question is, why were they popular and could they come back in 2023?

Why are White Blinds popular?

White is a colour associated with Christmas as it’s a soft and welcoming colour that makes us all dream of a white Christmas. White blinds are also popular due to the fresh colour that ties into any interior due to the simplicity and minimalistic look. It also collaborates well with any furniture in your home whilst creating the illusion of a larger living space due to maintaining natural light. 

Not only are white blinds popular due to their versatile nature of working in any room, they are also a colour that work well on numerous blind types. Rollers, Wooden, Vertical, Roman, Venetian and more are all blind types that look great in white. Read our article on ‘Why Choose White Blinds’ to discover more.

White Wooden Blinds

Our North Star White Faux Wooden Blind is a beautifully sleek finish, clean and refreshing. Its neutral colour and classic style make this blind perfect for any room in the house including the bedroom or living room. The waterproof and easy-to-clean features of the blind make it a must-have! Making it stand out in any interior.

North Star White Wooden Blinds 50mm


Dove White Faux Wood Venetian is a great fresh blind for any room. The crisp tone of the white shines through in the background - adding the perfect finishing touch to the contemporary look you have carefully created. It is the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Dove White Wooden Blinds 50mm


 Our North Star Fine Grain White Faux Wooden blind is a versatile and timeless choice. It has an intriguing wood effect texture which adds depth and subtly to any room in the house. This blind is a great addition to any window space and gives the style any interior would need.

North Star Fine Grain White Wooden Blinds 50mm


Each of these blinds gives off a timeless look when placed in any interior setting, but they are all Faux Wooden. The great thing about Faux Wood is that they are easy to wipe clean and maintain especially for being white! They won’t get damaged in moist conditions as this is what they are made for, so you can dress your bathroom and kitchen just as luxurious as the bedroom and living room. You also can get Faux Wood blinds with the grain running through to create the real wood effect, so no one will know the difference!

Our range doesn’t stop here. We have a wider selection of white wooden blinds for you to choose from including 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats, blinds with decorative tapes and real and faux wood options. 

Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux Wood is a great alternative to Real Wooden blinds. They aren’t as expensive, making them a more affordable option which has made them popular during 2022. Faux wood has a PVC property which makes them easy to clean and allows them to be put up in moist conditions such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

Furthermore, Faux wooden blinds come in the same range of colours as real wooden blinds, meaning you don’t have to compromise on style and suitability. As mentioned above, the faux wood range is also available in fine grain, giving them a real authentic feel. 

If you’re not sure which to choose, simply order a free sample and compare them from the comfort of your own home. 

Wooden Blinds with Tapes

Tapes are vertical strips that are made from a cotton fabric that helps hide any internal strings from the blind but also creates an aesthetically pleasing look to your window! 

Surprisingly, blinds with tapes haven’t been as popular a choice during 2022 as expected, but it may be because people aren’t aware of their main functional properties or how to use them to their maximum level. 

Tapes allow the blind to be uniformed and add more structure to them, and a visual benefit of adding an element of dramatisation to the interior of a room. They also provide more privacy and when closed, preventing less sunlight entering the room.

Why not switch it up in the New Year and introduce them to your wooden blind for a unique and modern interior? At Blinds4You we love how they make any room stand out from the rest.

Dove White Wooden Blinds 50mm With Tapes

The Best Blinds of 2022

In summary, White Wooden Blinds have been the 2022 hit that everyone seems to love, especially in the run-up to Christmas where it has been the blind that has made people's homes the desired winter wonderland! For 2023 it will be interesting to see if our wonderful Wooden blinds are still top of the tree, or if one of our other popular blinds take over the number one spot.

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