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What are the best Blinds for a Conservatory

Sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration to bring your ideas to life. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of different blind styles that work well with your conservatory. Because of the nature of conservatories, it means they will need to be functional as well as stylish and there is also an element of consideration for energy efficiency too.

Here’s our list of the best blinds for a conservatory: 

Rollers Blinds for the Conservatory

Roller blinds for the conservatory

Rollers work remarkably well if you want to add a touch of personality to your conservatory. The versatility of roller fabric means that you can opt for neutral, block colours, patterned and more -they also look cosy too. The only downside to opting for a roller blind is that they’re not as good for light control. With a simple ‘up and down’ function it means you either have to retract the blind to let light in, or pull the blind down to block light.

Conservatory ideas for Verticals

Vertical Conservatory Blinds

Vertical blinds have long been the choice of blind for conservatories. Because a lot of windows and doors in conservatories are on the larger size, it makes Vertical’s ideal for the blind choice. Not only do they cater well for larger windows and doors, they’re also great for light control. With a tilt mechanism being the main feature of light control, it means you don’t have to bunch the blinds in order to get your preferred light exposure. 

You can easily get the desired light but having verticals fully closed, half-tilted, or fully-tilted maximising the amount of light into your conservatory without bunching. Additionally, if you wish to enjoy the views to the garden, vertical blinds mean you can retract the blinds in full (whether that be fully to the right, left or bunched in the middle) making the conservatory more accessible via doors. 

You do have a little more limitation in terms of prints - although we stock many with patterns - however, vertical blinds are available in a wide range of colours, meaning you can put your stamp on your conservatory. 

Functional Venetians 

Venetian Conservatory Blinds

If you’re wanting a hybrid between vertical and roller blinds for your conservatory then venetian blinds may be the choice for you. With the up/down functionality of roller blinds similarly deployed to venetian blinds, coupled with the slats running the length of the blind, it means you can have the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, you’re able to choose from a multitude of colours from greys to greens, blues to blacks meaning you can match almost any colour to your furniture or make a statement with your blinds. Additionally, venetian blinds are made of different types of material, meaning you can add a different texture and feel to your conservatory. Whether that be aluminium, plain, perforated or wood effect, there are a plethora of different materials you can choose from if opting for venetians. 

Classical Wooden

Wooden Blinds for Conservatory

You may have decided to go for wooden blinds in your contemporary home. This doesn’t mean you can’t replicate this look in your conservatory, too. Wooden blinds are very similar to venetian blinds with the added benefit of being able to choose from different slat sizes. Slat sizes range from 25mm all the way up to 50mm plus so choosing between this depends on the style you’re looking for or the length of your window. Usually, the longer the window, the bigger the slat size you should go for as it requires more slats to fully close the blind the bigger the window gets. 

Not only do wooden blinds give a conservatory a more luxurious feel, they also come in different colours, effects and materials. Choose between faux or real wood, wood effect or plain, different tones of neutral colours and whether to have tapes or not. Wooden blinds are certainly a great choice for any conservatory. 

Energy Saving Thermal Blinds 

Thermal blinds for conservatories

Whilst many of the blinds above are based on choices between function and style, none really tackle one major issue that conservatories face. During the summer, conservatories can get really warm due to the amount of glazing which also has the adverse effect in the winter months. Surprisingly, choosing the right blind can help. Thermal blinds are very energy efficient as they’re excellent at retaining heat in the winter and keeping rooms cool in summer. 

Again, what’s great about Thermal blinds is that they come in a variety of colours so there’s no need to make a compromise over colour choice and energy efficiency. 

Which style is right for my conservatory?

Now you have all of the details about the features and benefits of which blind types work well in conservatories, you still might be undecided. We’d suggest considering taking stock of the main reasons behind ordering the blinds. Is it for privacy? Do you want to add colour? Do you want more light control? Perhaps you have children in the home that are in and out of the doors more regularly. Match this with the information above and you should be good to go. 

Don’t worry, because of the ability to order free samples you are able to order a few samples to really get a feel of what works for you from a colour and materials perspective. Don’t forget that all of our blinds are made-to-measure so they will look extremely sleek once you’ve made your choice.

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