Versatile Velux Blinds

Velux Blinds are a must-have when you are blessed with roof windows. These beautiful windows provide a large amount of natural light to your home and are a great feature. For these impressive windows make sure you have the perfect amount of privacy and light control with our range of roof blinds. 

Enhance your roof windows with our range of B4U roof blinds, making sure you take control of the light. Our range is suitable for many window types including Velux, Fakro, Keylight and much more, you won’t be disappointed in our roof blind range.

Velux Window Blinds

Velux are a popular window manufacturer which have been installed into many homes. Velux windows have become a popular brand over the years as it introduces natural light into a dark room effortlessly. Our B4U-inspired Velux window blinds offer a unique and controlled look that some window coverings don’t.

 B4U Red Roof Blinds for VELUX ® Windows


Create a clean and crisp modern feel in any room with this red B4U roof blind. This pop of colour will brighten and enhance any room, helping to improve the mood in a range of spaces. Add this fiery red into areas where you encourage activity, creativity and productivity.

Roof Window Types

Blinds4You offers a selection of roof window blinds that have been designed to suit the most popular skylight manufacturers such as; Farko, Rooflight, Keylite, and Dakstra windows. All you need to know is the window code and size code to order, it’s so simple.

Known to provide safety due to their cordless design, they are perfect for family homes, child bedrooms, and playrooms. Our range of roof blinds is also perfect for reducing heat loss, making them great for keeping in the heat when the temperature drops. These blinds are perfect for loft conversions, conservatories, and attics.

Velux Roof Blinds

Our B4U roof blinds can be positioned at any point on your window giving you full light control. This is due to the sleek aluminium cassette; its modern finish looks great in a range of interiors due to the selection of fabrics available. Choosing B4U-inspired Velux roof blinds will allow you to add that finishing touch to your home.

Blinds for roof windows are important to enhance and take control of your space. They allow you to have control over light exposure and provide the perfect privacy for areas of your home. Skylight windows as we know let in a lot of natural light, so the blackout feature is a plus for bedroom areas.

Velux Blackout Blinds

 Awakening to the morning sun does undoubtedly uplift our mood and prepares us for a good day ahead, but only when we aren’t planning to have an extra hour or two in bed. Our B4U roof blinds for Velux blackout blinds will help block out the morning glare. Allowing you to catch up on much-needed sleep and take full control of your privacy no matter what time of the day it may be.

  B4U Black Roof Blinds for Keylite Windows

Black roof blind for Keylite windows will complete the look within your bedroom. With the added benefit of being a blackout fabric, you will sleep soundly without being interrupted by the morning sun.

B4U Navy Roof Blinds for VELUX ® Windows

This Navy roof blind for Velux windows adds a subtle richness that will resonate well with other white and blue themes in your room. Fitting perfectly into the window to keep the sun out and create a warm and inviting room which will allow you to relax. It also doesn’t take long for you to create this space in your home.

 B4U Grey Roof Blinds for FAKRO Windows

Our Grey roof blinds for FAKRO windows provide the best night’s sleep and protect your privacy with their blackout feature. Grey can go with almost any colour scheme making it a great addition to any room. Always available at a low price and great quality you can’t go wrong with our blinds for FAKRO.

How to fit Velux Blinds

Being a newbie to fitting blinds doesn’t mean it needs to be a dreaded task, our B4U roof blinds are a simple measure and fit. All you need is a code and then it’s a simple clip-and-screw task. Blinds4You include all the parts you need including the brackets, screws, and blind so you can add privacy within seconds. Take a look at our measuring and fitting guides for further information on how to fit Velux window blinds.

So, if you’re looking to make a statement within your home, Blinds4You can help you with the measuring, fitting, and dressing of your Velux or other roof window manufacture. In the end, you will have full privacy, light control, and style within a matter of seconds after receiving your B4U roof blinds. If you’re looking for more information on this range read our blog “Skylight Blinds, an Alternative to Velux” to learn more.


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