Skylight Blinds, an Alternative to Velux

Velux has done to the windows and blinds industry what Hoover did to the vacuum cleaner industry, in that the brand name has become so synonymous with the product that our vocabulary has changed.

You will no doubt have heard of Velux windows (or blinds), and have probably taken this term for granted when gazing up at the window on a pitched roof, but the technical term for such a window is skylight. And skylight windows and blinds have plenty of Velux blinds alternatives.

In fact, it’s important to stress that depending on the manufacturer of your skylight window, you will need a specific type of blind to fit. That’s why here at Blinds4You we stock a range of different brands, to ensure you get the correct blinds for your skylight window that are roof blinds for non-velux windows. 

What is a Skylight Window?

Skylights are not a new invention born from modern-day loft conversions. Truth be told, skylights can be traced back centuries.

A skylight is essentially a light-permitting structure. Something that has been constructed to allow light in from the sky above. The Romans would do this as a way to naturally brighten a space, as well as for ventilation purposes. 

Since the industrial revolution, and the mass manufacturing of glass, skylights have been constructed using glass or any other transparent or translucent material to let light in. In more recent times, skylights have been a focus of energy conservation and designed with a new motivation of efficiency.  

What are the Alternatives to Velux Blinds?

As in any industry, there are always competitors and innovators. The same can be said in the skylight windows and blinds sector. With many different manufacturers making their mark, it can be tricky to know who is who. So we’ve put together this guide for alternate skylight and roof blinds. 


    Keylite Skylight Blinds

      Founded at the turn of the century in Northern Ireland, Keylite is equipped with a full range of roof windows, blinds, loft ladders and accessories.

      Our pick from the Keylite range are these Navy Roof Blinds. The subtle richness of the blue adds sophistication to this space whilst making it inviting and tranquil. 

      Simple to install and engineered for a perfect fit, and without the need to buy any brackets or screws, these Keylite roof blinds are an excellent example of skylight blinds. Also, if you need to, you can make the most of our free, downloadable measuring and fitting guides

      From only £18.94, with free samples available before purchase, and a 5 year guarantee, add them to your basket today and qualify for free delivery if you spend over £199! 

      Keylite Navy Roof Blind


      Dakstra Skylight Blinds

      Dakstra hail from Hungary and cater for a wide range of different skylight makers.

      Our choice from the Dakstra window blind range is this white blackout blind which adds a consistent clean feel to this roof space. 

      No need for measurements, just match your window code with us and we’ll deliver your blinds directly to your door. With simple installation guides, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll be benefiting from a good night's sleep with this stylish white blackout blind. 

      Prices start at £18.94 and your blinds will be dispatched within 1-2 working days! 

      Dakstra skylight blind


      FAKRO Skylight Blinds

      Founded over 30 years ago, FAKRO, are well-established and experienced window manufacturers. 

      We’re going with a Grey Roof Blind, for this one. Some may say grey blinds are mundane but, in the right room coupled with the right furnishings, it can create a calming and cosy feel.

      It’s a perfect fit each and every time you buy one of our roof roller blinds - simply select your size code on our product page and we’ll have the correct blinds shipped to you in no time. Or if you prefer to try before you buy, you can order a free sample to test out those all important colour contrasts! 

      This really is an example of quality at affordable prices, as this range begins from just £18.94 and comes with a 5 year guarantee!

      FAKRO skylight blind


      RoofLITE+ Skylight Blinds

      Scandinavian experts in loft and roof attic windows, RoofLITE+ are well established in the industry. 

      Here we have this stunning Rouge Roof Blind which instantly adds luxury and warmth to a blank canvas. The bedroom is an ideal place for a red roof blind like this, adding an element of romance whilst keeping the light out with built-in blackout technology. 

      If you’re adding a pop of colour to a child’s bedroom with these rouge skylight blinds, it’s worth noting that all of our blinds are designed and tested with child safety in mind, meaning you can order from us in total confidence.

      With prices from only £18.94, these blinds not only light work to install but light on the purse strings too! What are you waiting for?

      Rouge RoofLITe skylight blind


      What’s the Difference between a Skylight and a Velux?

      In answer to the above - not a lot really! It’s a namesake. Velux revolutionised the already existing skylight or roof window into something more accessible and functional. They commercialised it over 80 years ago, so generationally skylights have become known as Velux windows. 

      If you’re considering installing skylights to your property and are in need of a blind to fit, do not hesitate to speak with one of our experts online, to help identify which window you have and what blinds will fit it best! 


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