How Much Do Roller Blinds Cost?

You can never go wrong with a roller blind. Perfect for every room and budget. From plain fabrics to colourful patterns to textured and PVC fabrics – you are sure to find the ideal blind. The cost of rollers depends on several factors such as size, material and special features (blackout, wipeable and flame retardant, etc.).


Here are a few factors that affect the price of a roller blind:

Why Choose a Roller Blind?

First things first – why choose a roller blind? Stylish yet practical, they have been a popular choice for homes and offices for years. You have control of light and privacy by quickly adjusting the height of the blind.

If you want to know more, read our article on how roller blinds work or our guide to roller blinds.

Different Sizes of Roller Blinds

We offer a made-to-measure service, allowing you to order custom made blinds that fit perfectly on your window. Whether you are ordering for a small window in your bathroom or large windows in your living room, we can cater to your needs.

Depending on your size and fabric choice, the cost for your blinds can vary. To begin, the Vienna Frost White roller blind, currently starting from £6.80 (300x300), has a minimum and maximum width and drop of the following:

• Minimum width: 300mm, maximum width: 2800mm
• Minimum drop: 300mm, maximum drop: 3000mm

Alternatively, on the higher end, the Garden Flower Pink roller blind, starting from £59.67, has a minimum and maximum width and drop of the following:

• Minimum width: 610mm, maximum width: 3500mm
• Minimum drop: 610mm, maximum drop: 2913mm

Once you’ve measured your window, you can enter your sizes, and our instant pricing system will price it based on your sizes.

Typical Window Size Costs

To give you a better idea of how much a typical roller blind can cost, we’ve priced blinds based on standard window size on a mid-ranged fabric.

Standard Window - £48
Based on the sizes of 810mm wide and 1320mm high, a mid-range blind will cost you about £48:

standard window roller blind cost

Picture Window - £58
Based on the sizes of 1524mm wide and 1828mm high, a mid-range blind will cost you about £58:

picture window roller blind cost

How Materials and Features of Roller Blinds Affect Cost

Once you’ve measured using our guide and are ready to purchase, you may want to see what it is you’re looking to get from your blind. Is it for a bedroom? You might want to consider blackout blinds for extra privacy and to help get a good nights rest. Factors such as colour, pattern, wipeable and blackout features can add to the cost.

We offer a range of great colours suitable for every room. Patterns are usually a bit higher in cost, starting at £18.96 (610mmx610mm); the more intricate the design, the higher the cost. In terms of plain colours, our most popular budget-friendly ranges are Vienna and Barcelona (blackout). What’s even better is that the only difference between the two is that Barcelona has a blackout lining – you can order a mixture of both in the same colour to match around your house and not have to choose one or the other.

Once you’ve decided on colour/pattern, you can decide what kind of material you would like for your room. If it is in the bathroom or kitchen, we would recommend going for a moisture-resistant fabric to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by the moisture. PVC fabrics are always a good choice as they are wipeable which make them very easy to clean them; the starting price is £45.74 (610mmx610mm).

We offer textured fabric, including velvet & chenille; these are perfect for bedrooms and living areas. The starting price is £18.96 (610mmx610mm) for textured fabric and £51.72 (610mmx610mm) for velvet. If you’d like to let in lots of light, voile and sheer fabrics are a great choice, and the starting price is £45.74 (610mmx610mm).


In summary, the cost of a roller blind depends on many factors, and there is no better way to find out than to browse our collection, enter your measurements (in either cm, mm or inches) and get your instant price. If you’re happy to go ahead, you can add it to your basket and checkout.

Why not browse our roller blind collection today?

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