How Do Roller Blinds Work?

Roller blinds are just as they sound, fabric blinds that unroll to cover your window. A single piece of fabric that comes wrapped around a metal tube which can be installed across the window (you can have these inside your recess or outside – both options will help complete the look of your room). Roller blinds come in many different forms: plain, patterned, electric, striped and more. 

Here’s our guide on how do Roller Blinds work:

Types of window for Roller blinds

Roller blinds work on a variety of different window types. Whether you have a standard window frame, bay window, half-bay or L-shaped window, roller blinds are a great option for you. Bay windows can be trickier to measure and fit than a standard window, so it’s always worth taking a look at our measuring guide before considering if roller blinds work for you. 

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How to operate a Roller Blind

How does a roller blind mechanism work? The most common way to operate roller blinds is by a chain mechanism, making it a very efficient and easy blind to operate. Unlike other types of blinds, which can often be difficult to lock/unlock, roller blinds work on a simple system, allowing you to roll the blind right up and down. Meaning it will stay where you left it until you decide to roll it again. You can also get rechargeable electric motorised roller blinds. Simply press the up or down button to open or close your window blinds. Making it perfect for those high/hard to reach windows or if you struggle to operate a manual blind. Also, you now only need to plug the motor in to charge every three months or thereabouts (depending on use) with a cable that slots into the blind. It couldn't be simpler!

Configuration of a Roller Blind

On a standard roller blind, the fabric will roll off the back of the blind. It can also roll off the front, and there are certain situations where you might want this to happen. Such as if you have a tight recess and have a handle halfway down your window, by rolling the fabric off the front, you would miss the handle. You may also prefer how this looks. You can choose to have your fabric rolling off either the fabric or the front of the tube. Blocking out the light has never been easier with a blackout fabric. It works because an extra layer of blackout material is layered onto the fabric. It is either the same colour as the primary fabric colour or a different colour, usually white.  

Do Roller Blinds keep out light better than other blinds? 

As the above mentions, roller blinds can have blackout functionality depending on the fabric you choose. If you’re looking for a blind to keep light out completely, then a roller blind will work better for you than a wooden venetian, for example. When ordering, just be sure that the fabric you choose states blackout in the description. 

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Are Roller Blinds right for me?

Roller blinds are a very easy and convenient way to block light and add colour to your room. They’re easy to install and easy to operate and the simple chain mechanism makes opening and closing the blind straightforward. Be sure to use the child safety device that comes with your roller blind should you have young children or pets in your home. 

Now you know how roller blinds work, head over to our collection of roller blinds and choose from our wide range of colours and patterns. 

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