Keeping your Conservatory Cool With Blinds4You

The idea of a conservatory, particularly in Great Britain, is to stay connected to the outdoors all year. However, conservatories with glass windows can be tricky to regulate temperatures.

During the summer months, keeping your conservatory cool can be difficult. Direct sunlight can be overwhelming, causing a ‘greenhouse effect’ to occur. Stifling heat in your conservatory can make it uncomfortable to relax, even if you have the windows open.

Introducing blinds is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to regulate the temperature in your conservatory. With the cost of living and energy prices on the up, alongside rising temperature, the time for new conservatory blinds is now.


Conservatory Window Blinds

Blinds4You are well-equipped to provide you with conservatory window blinds to suit any style. Depending on the design of your conservatory, each window or panel may differ in size. However, our made-to-measure blinds nullify the need to worry. We’re confident that if you can supply the measurements, we can find a blind that fits.


Blinds for Conservatories

For many, a conservatory is a hub of the home. Therefore, if you use your conservatory all year round, it’s wise to install blinds to help control its temperature. Even if it’s more of a summer space, blinds are a great way of enhancing privacy, controlling temperature and adding some extra style. 

Conservatory blinds should be versatile and simple to control. Nowadays, with so many choices, deciding which blinds would be best for your conservatory can be hard. 

Conservatory blinds come in an array of styles: venetian blinds will definitely look the part but lack insulation properties in colder times; roller blinds are adaptable, and some come with blackout technology, to stop light penetrating through; and thermal blinds would be a sensible choice, as they can keep the heat at bay when it's warm and shut out the cold during winter. To get the best features of each, we’d suggest a pleated blind.


Pleated Blinds for Conservatories

Pleated blinds are a perfect choice for keeping your conservatory cool this summer. Not only are pleated blinds easy and quick to operate, allowing you to shut out or let in light instantly, but their unique cellular design also houses other functional features. 

With thermal, blackout and fabric performance qualities, pleated blinds are designed to manage temperatures, as well as bringing an eco-friendly element to your home. What’s more, is that our pleated blinds collection offers up an assortment of colours to complement any interior.

Perfect Fit Amalfi Blackout Pecan Brown Pleated Blinds

The complete package with a honeycomb cellular design for insulation properties. With a perfect-fit frame to reduce the amount of light entering around the edges coupled with blackout technology, to reduce the amount of penetrative light coming through the blind. The neutral pecan colour blends seamlessly into a contemporary setting!


Perfect Fit Amalfi Blackout Pecan Brown Pleated Blinds


Perfect Fit Bern Sky Blue Pleated Blinds

For affordable, perfect-fit blinds for your conservatory that add elegance and style, look no further than these sky-blue pleated blinds. Although they do not have blackout lining like the blind above, these conservatory blinds will bring an air of coolness, thanks to their cellular design and refreshing blue colour.


Perfect Fit Bern Sky Blue Pleated Blinds


Budapest Charcoal Pleated Blinds

The contrasting colour of this charcoal pleated blind will blend well against the white PVC of a conservatory. As a thermal blind, it acts according to the seasons by keeping the heat in during the chilly winter months and creating a thermal pocket to keep the heat out over summer.


Budapest Charcoal Pleated Blinds


Conservatory Blinds Know-How

As well as investing in new conservatory blinds to add style, the regulation of temperature is key, to making it more environmentally friendly. 

Knowing when to open and close your blinds plays a big part in their energy efficiency. Pre-empting the sun’s appearance and movement is key. For instance, before you go to bed, it would be wise to shut any conservatory blinds on east-facing windows. Preventing direct sunlight from hitting individual windows is the aim, whilst still enjoying the daylight around the rest of your conservatory. 

Heat from the sun radiates into the glass and has no form of escape. This is how your conservatories heat-up. Blinds create a barrier from the window into your conservatory and keep heat at bay. This is why the right type of blind, adjusted at the right time of day, can help you keep your conservatory cool.

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