A Guide to Slat Sizes for Wooden Venetian Blinds

Slat sizes play a pivotal role in the world of wooden Venetian blinds, influencing both their aesthetics and functionality. However, these sleek horizontal components aren't just about look alone - they significantly impact how light enters a room and the level of privacy provided.

Significance of Slat Sizes

At B4Us, we know that choosing the perfect slat size for your  wooden Venetian blinds is like finding the right puzzle piece—it's what makes your space truly come alive! Our range of samples isn’t just about seeing; it's about experiencing. Want to know how each slat size transforms your window treatment?

Why does it matter, you ask? Well, these slats are more than just style statements. They hold the power to shape natural light, dial in your preferred level of privacy, and set the entire vibe of your room.

Grey wooden blind in a dining room


Standard Slat Sizes - 35mm

The 35mm slat size stands as the classic B4Y popular choice for many wooden Venetian blinds. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly fit various window types and interior styles. Whether adorning large picture windows or smaller casements, these standard-sized slats offer a timeless appeal that complements diverse design themes.

Walnut brown wooden blind in a bathroom above the bath

Walnut Brown Wooden Blinds 35mm


Slat Size and Light Control

Different slat sizes impact the amount of light entering a room. Standard slats allow filtered light to gently illuminate the space, while wider slats excel in providing better light-blocking capabilities. Knowing your desired level of brightness and ambience is crucial when selecting slat sizes for prime light control.

Slat Size and Privacy

The connection between slat sizes and privacy is essential. Wider slats, when closed, minimise gaps, offering increased privacy. Consider your privacy needs in different rooms to choose slat sizes that provide the desired level of seclusion.

Benefits of Wide Slat Sizes - 50mm

Wider slat sizes, such as the 50mm variant, present a different set of advantages. Their broader surface area not only contributes to a bold design statement but also grants greater control over incoming light. Choosing wider slats can be a deliberate move toward creating a more impactful aesthetic while enjoying enhanced light control.


Silver grey wooden blind with tapes in a bathroom above the bath

Eclipse Silver Grey Wooden Blinds 50mm With Tapes

Slat Size and Aesthetics

Visual impact is inherent in slat sizes, affecting the overall aesthetic of your interior décor. Harmonising these sizes with the room's dimensions, furnishings, and design theme is essential. Opt for slat sizes that complement the existing elements to create a seamless and appealing space.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining wooden Venetian blinds involves customised care based on slat size. Smaller slats might demand more intricate cleaning due to their size, whereas wider slats can be easier to maintain. Regular cleaning routines ensure the longevity and functionality of the blinds.

Black wooden blind above staircase


Finding the Perfect Slat Size

Slat sizes aren't just numbers; they're a choice that shapes the ambience and functionality of your space. Consider your style preferences, desired light control, and privacy needs when selecting the perfect slat size for your wooden Venetian blinds. Whether it's the classic charm of 35mm standard sizes or the statement-making impact of 50mm wide slats, aligning your choice with your unique conditions will elevate your décor and living experience.


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