Are Wooden Blinds still in style?

Wooden Venetian blinds will introduce nature, practicality, and a modern design to your home. Available in a range of styles, colours and finishes they are a timeless beauty that won’t compromise your style. Wooden blinds will truly make a statement and accentuate your interior.

Wooden blinds provide homes will an assortment of benefits from light control, privacy and style. Perfect for every room in your home due to their qualities and colour schemes, you’ll understand why wooden blinds are a classic choice for your interior.


Are Wooden Blinds Still in Style

Wooden blinds have been around for a long time. A similar style can be traced back to ancient civilizations as a method to block the sun. As trends change and new products are developed, wooden blinds are still in style. Nowadays they continue to be popular due to their fashionable assets and unmatched look upon windows.

Made-to-measure Wooden Blinds

When compared to their ready-made equivalents, made-to-measure wooden blinds offer the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Not to mention the pure delight of owning a product that was made to match your precise needs and the design of your house. There are tonnes of options, and if you find the perfect blinds for your home.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds are fantastic if you want to decorate your home with a higher and more luxurious budget. Authentic wooden venetian blinds are acclaimed for their beauty and resilience. Investing in this style will be worth it due to the long-lasting design and the compliments they bring to the interior.

Gallant Grey Wooden Blinds 50mm

Grey is one of those colours that gives us endless shades. Our Gallant Grey wooden blind is a powerful and bold tone of grey that captures the eye the moment you enter the room.

Faux Venetian Blinds

If you're sticking to a budget but still looking for this stylish range we have you covered with faux venetian blinds. When compared to real wood, faux wood blinds tend to be significantly more durable and moisture-resistant. Faux wood blinds, as opposed to real wood blinds, are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms due to being water resistant. The choice of introducing faux Venetian blinds is easy, especially given the added benefit that faux wooden blinds are typically much more cost-effective!

Andromeda Pebble Beige Wooden Blinds 50mm With Tapes

Our Andromeda Pebble Beige faux wooden blind is lovely neutral tone smooth slats which creates a modern and highly sophisticated room decor.

Wooden Blinds with tapes

While looking at your choices of wooden blinds, you may come across some with decorative tapes and it is something you should consider. Wooden blinds with tapes will discretely disguise the internal strings of the blind. The tapes are made from cotton fabric and are usually added with an aesthetic and neat finish to your window.

Solstice Dark Brown Wooden Blinds 50mm With Tapes

Dark brown colouring and authentic-looking wood grain. Our Solstice Dark Brown faux wood blind will look great in rooms with a warm colour scheme or as a contrast to lighter-coloured walls.

White Wooden blinds

A white wooden blind appeal lies in its versatility in terms of interiors. No matter your style white wooden blinds will add a unique texture and clean form making them a versatile window choice. Coordinating perfectly with a range of shades and patterns, they will blend in beautifully within the environment.

Rome Arctic White Wooden Blinds 50mm

Highly versatile our Rome Arctic White Wooden Blind is the perfect choice for both modern and traditional homes.

Black Wooden blinds

Black wooden blinds give homes a sense of class. They effortlessly fit in with both modern and older homes and may be utilized to enhance your current furnishings. Black wooden blinds can serve as a backdrop for curtains or can be a focal point within a room. No matter what you decide they will accentuate your home wonderfully.

Bruges Smoke Black Wooden Blinds 50mm With Tapes

Bruges Smoke Black is deep, dark and seriously stylish use it to create a dramatic contrast with lighter surroundings.


Wooden blinds will always be a chic option as they provide privacy and style, what more could you want? Coming in two different styles wooden blinds will suit any home, condition, and budget so there’s no chance they will go out of style anytime soon.

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