Choosing the right slat size for your wooden blind

Wooden blinds have become such a statement piece for many homes, adding a contemporary and luxurious feel to any room. With the range expanding into different colours, faux or real wood and whether you like the addition of the wood grain effect too, it can become difficult to know what to choose. 

However, one of the main things to consider when it comes to wooden blinds is the size of the slats. Blinds4You offer Venetian blinds 25mm or 50mm and the ranges have a small impact on budget but there are a few things to be wary of. 

We’ve compiled a list of things on how to choose slat size for Venetian blinds:


Light Reduction

wooden blind slat light reduction 

The bigger the better. When it comes to keeping light out of your room then opting for a larger slat is the best option. Whilst you may be paying a slight premium for this option, it does mean less openings for light to seep through. Because the smaller slats require more slats in the overall hanging, it means more light is exposed through the hole in the slats where the pull and tilt cords sit. 

Window Size

Your window size should determine the size of slats that you should ideally choose. For a longer, wider window (such as a Georgian bay window), opting for a 50mm (plus) slat will keep the window looking sleek and in keeping. If you go for something like a 25mm slat then you will have to increase the amount of slats per blind which is not as appealing on the eye. 

Additionally, the same goes for a smaller window size. Your wooden blind slat should mirror the length and width of your window so it is all proportionate. So if you have something like a small side window or ones that edge the frame of a front door, then we’d recommend choosing a slat size that is on the smaller side - something like a 25mm - 35mm slat. 

Stack Height

Consider the choice of wooden blinds with a low stack depth and minimal stacking height when addressing the challenge of selecting the right window treatment. If you opt for wooden blinds with a smaller slat size on a larger window, there is a risk of excessive blind stacking, potentially compromising the aesthetic appeal on larger windows. This advice holds true for both wooden and aluminum venetian blinds, especially when the blind is fully raised.

Understanding the concept of 'stacking height' is crucial in assessing the appearance of wooden blinds when completely pulled up, with the slats gathered together. The stacking height is directly influenced by the drop—the longer the drop, the greater the number of slats and consequently, the higher the stacking height.

For those seeking wooden blinds with low stack height, it becomes particularly important to take the stacking height into account when the blind must be clear of the window upon full retraction, such as in the case of inward-opening windows. In such scenarios, wooden blinds with a low stack depth ensures both a visually pleasing look and practical clearance for the window. Contact our customer service for details regarding our stack depths. 

Do tapes affect slat size?

Do tapes affect slat size - wooden blinds

With wooden blinds now offering the option to add decorative tapes, this does have a slight baring on the look and feel of your window covering. If you opt for a wider slat - let’s say 50mm - then the tapes are likely to be wider to match the style of the blind and keep everything consistently proportionate. This is the same for smaller slats. The decorative tapes are likely to match the width of the slats so the effect and style you’re looking for needs to be considered before purchasing.

How to choose your ideal slat size

Once you’ve measured your window size, navigate to our wooden blinds collection and choose the colour and material of your choice. As we offer free samples, it might be worth comparing a few different slat sizes, colours and finishes (faux, real, grain etc.) before purchasing. Once you have decided on the slat width choice blinds, simply enter the measurements (width and drop) of where your blind will hang and then toggle between the slat sizes (25mm, 35mm and 50mm). You will notice a slight difference in price as you toggle between these so just be aware that you’ve made the right decision before purchasing. 

How to choose your wooden blind slat size


We hope you have gathered enough information to make an informed decision when choosing the right sized slat for your blind. It’s pretty simple, if you stick with the logic of opting for a slat size that is a relative size to your window, then you should have a great blind that gives the window the covering it deserves!

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