Measuring Guide for Wooden blinds and Faux Wooden blinds

With Blinds4You, measuring for your beautiful new blind is easy. Just follow this step-by-step guide, taking care to double check as you go and look out for some handy tips to help you save time too. Below is a handy guide for measuring for Wooden blinds and Faux Wooden blinds.

This guide works for:
Wooden blinds, venetian blinds, faux wooden blinds.

Standard windows

Recess fitting

If you want your blind to fit inside the window recess.

This is the measurement you need to take if you want your blind to fit inside the window recess. Measure the full width and height of the recess – leave deductions to our experts. You will get a blind ready to fit inside the recess perfectly.

• Measure in 3 places for both the width and the drop, use the smallest measurements you’ve taken
Don’t make any deductions; we will do that for you
• Use a metal tape measure; cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurement

Handy Tip: Double check the depth of your recess (see recess checking tips opposite) – is it deep enough to take the blind? Are there any obstructions like handles or ventilation

Depth needed for Venetian blinds: 25mm slat = 30mm | Depth needed for Wooden & Faux Wooden blinds by slat size:
25mm slat = 55mm, 35-38mm slat = 65mm, 50mm slat = 70mm, 63-65mm slat = 80mm

Exact fitting

If you want your blind to fit outside the window recess

  • Measure the recess as shown opposite before adding your extra height and width to each side. We will make your blind to that exact size with no deductions.
  • Looking to keep light to the minimum? We recommend you add at least 50mm on either sides and 70mm to the top.
  • At the bottom of the blind be aware of hitting protruding objects like sills or radiators

Handy Tips: Are you replacing an existing blind, like for like? Measure the blind including fittings (see blind measuring tips opposite) and use the Exact fitting option – we will make you one the same size.

Non-standard windows

Fitting inside a part-tiled recess (also for picture rails, skirting boards)

Measure between the tiles to ensure the blind will fit

Does your window have tiles up the sides of your recess?
These tiles likely reduce the width available compared to a standard recess.

Measure the width between the tiles for your width. Use this method if you have a skirting board, picture rail or something else in the inside of the recess.

Bay windows, half-bays & L-shaped windows

These window styles need a more in-depth look to measure for Roman blinds. We’ve created measuring guides dedicated to each. Visit

Angled bay windows

25mm Venetian blinds measuring guide available:

Wooden and Faux Wooden blinds measuring guide available:
N.B. The same guide can be used for angled half-bay windows.

Square bay and L-Shaped windows

25mm Venetian blinds measuring guide available:
Wooden and Faux Wooden blinds guide available:

Pelmets on blinds

Blinds4You offer some wooden blinds with a pelmet/valance to cover the headrail.

The blinds that come with pelmets are:

  • Real Wooden blinds
  • Faux Wooden blinds

The pelmet is cut to the size and shape for your chosen fitting type.

Pelmets for recess fitting

Pelmets for exact fitting

For recess fitting, the pelmet will be slightly wider than the blind itself so that the pelmet is a tight fit at the top of the recess and to prevent gaps.

For exact fitting we will make your pelmet a few centimetres wider than the blind and include side returns, so that the brackets are not visible either side.

Top Tip

Once you have noted your measurements, enter the sizes into and choose your fitting
option. We will make your new blind to your sizes and send them out to you ready to fit.