Grey Children's Blinds

A children room is a magical place full of fun, as well as a place they sleep., it will also be a playroom. With such playful designs, our blind will help create a space that the kids will love to spend time in. Some have the added advantage of having a blackout lining to keep the light out, helping your little one to get the best sleep possible even during the summer. We have designs that will suit any age, starting with nursery, moving on to older children and even some for when they hit their teenage years. We also know that kids grow up quickly and their tastes change, so our blinds are easy and cheaper than curtains to change throughout the years. We have a lovely choice of designs for children’s blind in Rollers, verticals, Romans or for older kid we have a wide range of colours in venetians, curtains and many more.

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Why should I choose Grey Children's Blinds?

We have a great choice of designs for young children, from flower to stripe and many more. For older children, we have plenty of choices of solid colours from neutral tones through to bright pinks and dark blues so they will always find something to suit their personality. There is also a huge selection of colours from neutrals, including greys, and whites to plain colours in bold tones, available in a wide variety of patterns, including florals, contemporary and retro styles. Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Vertical, Pleated blinds, and perfect fit pleated blinds all have fabrics that are suitable for children, meaning that you will find a type that perfectly suits your home. For more information on picking the right Children's Blind, visit our blog.

How do I measure for Children's Blinds?

Measuring for Children’s blinds depends on what type of product you choose. You don’t measure any different from a regular blind. The most challenging part will be deciding between all of our fabric choices. Once you’ve chosen your fabric, just measure - in millimetres and ideally with a metal tape measure - the recess of the window to give you the height (drop) and width measurements. Then use our on-page calculator to get your price - it’s that simple!

How to fit Children's Blinds?

All you need to do is follow our fitting guides, and the process is the exact same as a regular blind. Either use one of our PDF guides or check out our fitting videos that are unique for each product.