Children's Bedroom Blinds

When decorating your children's bedroom or playroom, there is a lot to consider: colour,  style, and safety. Our range of Children's blinds are available with blackout features, helping your child get the much-needed sleep they need, especially on hot summer nights. We offer a vast range of styles for you to choose from, from plain colours to geometric and patterned designs. This blog is here to give advice and handy tips to help select children's blinds.  

Child Safety blinds 

One of the essential features of choosing a blind for a child's room is keeping them safe. All of our blinds come with safety features; different types depend on the style of blind you choose. The safety devices are designed to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. These are extremely important to have and are provided with the blinds. You don't have to worry about any extra costs to keep your children safe!

Roller Blinds for Kids

Roller Blinds for Children's Bedrooms

Roller blinds are a popular choice for any room; they bring style and practicability to the room - it is the perfect finish to any interior. We offer roller blinds suitable for any budget including, budget-friendly choices such as the Barcelona and Vienna fabrics.  They are straightforward to use, clean and maintain, which can come in handy in a child's bedroom. We offer a range of colours, patterns and fabrics with special properties such as blackout, thermal, light-filtering and wipeable. You can be sure to find something for any interior.

Children’s Wooden Venetian Blinds  

Wooden Venetian Blinds for Children's Bedrooms

Wooden Venetian blinds can be a fun addition to a child's bedroom. We offer an extensive range of colours and different sized slats. Wooden Blinds are a perfect choice if you have south-facing windows as they allow you to block out and let in as much light and privacy as you like. Our faux wood blinds are a perfect match for a child's room. The slats are waterproof and very easily cleaned. You won't have to worry about sticky fingers or wet handprints on the blinds.  

Curtains for Kids Bedrooms

Curtains are very similar to our roman blinds. They come in a range of bold and soft colours. Curtains block out any unwanted light whilst keeping the heat in – they give a perfect finish to any window space. They are also perfect for hide and seek spots! They are straightforward to clean as they can be taken down and put up again with ease. Pairing them with other blinds such as Romans will help your child get the perfect night's sleep, especially on those light summer nights.  

Children’s Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a favourite bedroom blind for child's rooms as most of our fabrics are available with a blackout lining, making them an excellent choice for light sleepers. As well as that, roman blinds are great for keeping the warmth in and reducing energy bills. As it is made with curtain fabric and is generally thicker, it can help reduce noise from outside, helping your little ones get their sleep. Roman blinds make a perfect finish for their room with many stunning designs to choose from.


Pleated Blinds for Your Childs Room

Pleated Blinds for Children's Bedrooms

A similar style to a Roller, Pleated Blinds are also a great alternative for your child's room. Our range of performance fabrics are designed to keep your room cool in summer and warm in the winter making your home more ECO friendly and the perfect blind for children.


The Best Choice for Children's Bedroom Blinds

It's clear there is a plethora of choice when it comes to children's bedroom blinds and the choice is really up to you. We'd ideally suggest using a blackout blind for young children but also fit the right style for the room too. If you need any support or assistance, please feel free to use our online chat or get in touch with our support team who would be happy to help! 

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