Why Yellow Blinds Are a Good Idea

If you’re looking for a yellow blind, it’s probably because you’ve had a real lightbulb moment. Yellow promotes happiness and who wouldn’t want a happy home?

As well as the added energy a yellow blind can bring, depending on the shade of yellow introduced, a spontaneous splash of yellow can also aid particular atmospheres.  

Bright Yellow Blinds

A bright yellow blind will bring vibrancy to your space. Yellow is a lively colour known to trigger creativity, so it’s an ideal colour choice for a home office or studio, to help inspire ideas and maintain productivity.

Sunshine and sunflowers are two of the typical associations to the colour yellow. Both the colour and imagery they provide, instantly lift your spirits and remind us of summer. That’s why we’ve chosen these Perfect-Fit Sunflower Venetian Blinds, for you to envision a little bit of that summer vibe in your space.

Yellow Venetian Blind

Alternatively, whilst blackout blinds (like the ones below) limit the amount of sunlight entering through your window, you can still inject a little sunshine into your bathroom with these Barcelona Solar Yellow Vertical Blinds!  

Yellow Vertical Bathroom Blind


Dark Yellow Blinds

For a richer and warmer environment, opt for a dark yellow blind. A deep, dark yellow is reassuringly relaxing when used in the right way. Too much of anything can be overwhelming, so we’d advise using a dark yellow blind to contrast a bright white space.

Golden tones enrich a yellow blind to add depth and luxury. This can be seen here, in this Barra Sunshine Yellow Roller Blind where the contemporary surroundings are heightened by the presence of this plush yellow roller blind.

Yellow Roller Blind

Designers and decorators often welcome a fabric to enhance the atmosphere they are creating. Dark yellow blinds, and other soft furnishings, are a subtle but powerful way of increasing the appeal of any space, in any room.


Light Yellow Blinds

Lemony and buttery yellow hues evoke a different kind of reaction within us, compared to other yellows. As a colour, light yellow feels less intrusive, more gentle and somewhat fresher than its counterparts.

A pale yellow blind can complement a kitchen as well as a nursery. The pastel qualities within can bring a calmness which you do not associate to other, more flamboyant shades of yellow.

Here we have a Perfect-Fit Luscious Lemon Yellow Venetian Blind which introduces a more cosy and comforting appeal to this modern bathroom. Ideal for unwinding after a long day. 

Yellow Venetian Bathroom Blind

Meanwhile this Malmedy Lemon Yellow Pleated Blind makes for the ideal ambience in a more intimate setting such as the bedroom.

Yellow Pleated Bedroom Blind


Yellow Blinds for You!

Yellow blinds are for the bold and the brilliant. Whether you want to bring some brightness to your home and make a stand-out statement, or whether you’re trying to add tone and textures to allure a certain atmosphere, yellow blinds can sometimes be overlooked, but they really shouldn’t be.

Explore our range of wonderful, made-to-measure yellow blinds, find the perfect match for your home and allow the joyous colours to shine on.

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