Why Choose Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds provide exceptional privacy and light control and look stylish in the window space. They are vertical slats of fabric that are clipped into a sliding track operated with either a wand or plastic chain. The slats are weighted at the bottom to ensure a perfect flow. Vertical blinds are ideal for rooms requiring additional privacy or in office spaces. Our made to measure vertical blinds can fit any size of the window. The vertical blind is a versatile style of window treatment.

What type of windows best suit Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds suit all types of windows but are also ideal for longer windows. If you are thinking of adding blinds to a patio window or longer sized windows in an office space, vertical blinds are a perfect choice. They offer an exceptionally high level of light flexibility that other styles cannot match. If you have awkward shaped or slanted window spaces, vertical blinds are an effective solution. Any space that would benefit from floor to ceiling blinds such as conservatories, a summer house or patio windows would benefit from our floor to ceiling vertical blinds.

 Benefits of Vertical Blinds

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When choosing the correct blind for your home, having the correct blind with the right benefits is important. Privacy and light control can be the two key benefits of choosing blinds.
They allow you to control the amount of visibility coming into a room without sacrificing any natural light coming in. The tilt and turn mechanism on vertical blinds can be adjusted to allow the slats to be opened at different degrees to suit your needs.  There is a vast range of different designs, prints and colours to suit your home interior.  

Blackout Vertical Blinds

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Blackout blinds are a practical option that will give a room 100% privacy and block out more light than general blinds are made to do.
Especially good for bedrooms, vertical blackout blinds will ensure that light and visibility coming in is very controlled and minimal. They can also be drawn back or widely opened to allow as much light as you desire. 






How to clean your Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds are best cleaned with microfibre cloth or duster brushes. These will remove any surface dust. Dusting the blinds regularly will stop any surface dust from building up. If you do need to take them down to wash them, you should do so carefully. Please do not fold the slats. Use lukewarm or cold water only. If you are trying to remove any stains, use a small amount of water, damp the blinds and rub gently with a soft cloth. Once the blinds are clean, try to remove as much water excess as you can, you can do this by using a soft towel to pat dry, then hang them back on the rail to completely dry.



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