Why Choose Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular blind types for any window space. There is something distinctive about venetian window blinds that continues to make them both a popular and attractive choice. The structure of venetian blinds are a simple blind, they are horizontal slats made from either wood or metal slats. They can be easily adjusted to allow in as much or as less light and as much privacy as you need.

What type of windows best suit venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds have a long winded reputation as the best office blinds and still remains like this. The attraction for office venetian blinds are that they allow the amount of light filtering into a room to be adjusted as and when it is necessary/ They are also a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They are a very practical blind, not only will they bring style to your home but they suit all the needs desired.
Venetian Blinds are popular in office, kitchens, bathrooms, their known benefits are a great addition to any home interior / window space. The following benefits are just a few that venetian blinds has to offer:
Almond Brown Venetian Blinds


  • Suitable for any size of window
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Allow privacy and light control
  • Affordable options
  • Availability in a variety of finishes
  • Made to measure


      It is important to remember, there are some households that might prefer other types of window coverings, for example small children and the cords of venetian blinds often don’t mix.


      Beach wood effect venetian blinds

      How to clean venetian blinds

      Aluminium Venetian blinds are very easy to clean and maintain, making them look their best in no time. Dusting venetian blinds is an option to clean them, just grab a duster or a soft microfibre cloth, this will ensure to remove the dust off, making them look as new as ever. You’re better starting off in the centre of the blinds and going to each side to ensure dust doesn’t move along the slat. If you’re looking to remove marks from the aluminium venetian blinds, a biodegradable baby wipe will do the trick, it’s the best way to remove any marks.


      perfect white wooden blinds with tapes


      Wood Venetian Blinds

      Our wooden venetian range is a very delicate, popular blind, if it is just for a little spot / stain on the blind, a paper towel or kitchen roll usually does the trick just by rubbing it on the affected area, if you add a little drop of wood cleaner to a soft cloth and wipe it, this usually helps. If your looking for a more thorough clean, the best way is a microfibre cloth or as silly as it sounds a sock, wipe between each slat to ensure all dust / dirt is clear. This may be a longer process, you’ll need to tilt the slats to ensure you clean them properly. A feather or any soft duster brush will also do the trick for a lighter clean if you keep it up regularly.


      lunar fine grain barley cream faux wooden blinds


      Faux Wooden Blinds

      Faux wood blinds are stylish and timeless, no matter what room they end up in you can be sure they will look great.

      Cleaning these blinds are a quick and easy task to maintain, they don’t need cleaned often, but now and again to make sure they’re looking the best they can be. A feather duster or a clean cloth can do the trick, you just have to wipe away any dirt / dust ensuring it is dust free, this will make them look as good as new again.



      If you’re trying to remove any marks or stains, a cloth and lukewarm water is the best option, just simply wipe damp cloth over the affected area. Once its looking as good as new again and stain free, use a dry cloth to just gently remove any excess water. Taped blinds are just as easy to manage and maintain – they require the same treatment, light wipe down with lukewarm water.




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