Why choose green blinds?

Green blinds are rising in popularity in interior design, especially when paired with a dark plum shade. It is used in all types of interiors, whether traditional, modern or rustic; a great way to inject colour is to include a green blind. We love the trend and are excited to share our fantastic range of green blinds across pleated, venetian, roller and vertical ranges. 

Last week, we spoke about how white blinds open up the room - too much green can do the opposite. Not to worry - it's easy to fix! When implementing green in your room, you need to balance it perfectly with other shades to get it just right. Colour matches are a great way of injecting lots of bold colours but keep it harmonious.


isla cactus green roller blinds

 Green x White Matches

There are many ways to match green when it comes to interior decoration. One of the most popular matches is emerald green and white. It creates a perfect balance of leaving your room feeling spacious but with bold colour accents. You can have this in several ways; you could go for white walls, an emerald shade blind and match it with dark green plants to tie it perfectly. Add a touch of gold accents on your shelves or in small décor pieces to create depth to your design.


flourishing pesto green roller blinds

 Green x Wood Matches

Another great choice is creating an earthy, rustic style room by adding wooden furniture and pops of green throughout the room. It would add a minimalistic natural look to your room while keeping it interesting. Why not add a green patterned blind to bring more interest to your window? Our Flourishing Pesto Green roller blind is an excellent way of adding a bold pattern into a simple room.


majestic green venetian blinds 25mm

 Green x Yellow Matches

If the above two options seem a bit conservative for you, then this match is a great choice. Green and yellow is a fantastic combination. They are very close in the colour wheel, which means they work so well together. Create a fresh look in your kitchen with bold yellow dining chairs or even walls and match it with a stunningly vibrant green blind. Whether you love the dark shades or light, they pair with yellow perfectly. Our Majestic Green venetian blinds offer you full light and privacy control while bringing a jaw-dropping colour. 


peppermint green venetian blind 25mm

 Green x Pink Matches

Green and pink matched together can be too much, but they are a lot less dramatic and in-your-face, as some people may think. They work exceptionally well together and contradict each other in the best way. Try going for a light pastel pink wall and bring out the colour with a soft green. Even though they are both light shades, it clashes together and adds much interest to the room. You can add bronze or gold lining on the edge of your shelves to make it stand out. The Peppermint Green venetian blind is a lovely green shade that effortlessly fits pink.  



In conclusion, it is totally up to you! We are in love with the shade green as it symbolises new beginnings and opportunities - which is needed in the new year. It's a great choice, and there are so many ways you can add green to your home without it taking over too much. Try painting a wall and see how you feel!

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