Why Choose Blue Blinds?

Calming and soothing blue blinds have become an increasingly popular choice for homes. From subtle pastel shades like baby blue to navy, it can drastically change the mood of every room. We offer a great range of blue Roller, Vertical, Pleated and even Venetian blinds! 

Choosing a blue blind can seem daunting and daring at first, but the colour fits in effortlessly in most interior decors. One of the most popular choices is a light blue, which brings tranquillity and softness to the room. It is a perfect addition for home offices, studies and especially bedrooms.


Light Blue Blinds


You can easily pair these shades with a muted pink shade, lavender, dark blues, white and even cream. The Blissful Blue Venetian Blind 25mm pictured above is an excellent example of bringing a pop of colour in a home, matching it with light wooden furniture in a modern interior. It especially suits wicker or light wooden furniture - one to consider if you have a rustic style interior.


 Navy/Dark Blue Blinds

barcelona midnight blue vertical blinds


You can pair bright and bold colours to create a contrasting look for your room. Navy blue blinds are another fantastic choice. These blinds are excellent for home offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. They bring a serious and mature look to your room while being versatile to match with.

The Barcelona Midnight Blue Vertical Blind pictured above is a popular and great choice for homes. Navy matched with coral pink, light blue, white, orange, and yellow bring a different energy to your home. Pink and turquoise bring a softer, more feminine touch to your décor, while yellow or orange create an energetic and bold interior. Ideal for contemporary and modern homes where the dark colours fit perfectly with sleek furniture styles. 


 Patterned Blue Blinds



Blue patterned blinds add interest to your windows and bring a fun feeling to your décor. The Lille Insignia Blue roller blind above features a grey, muted and deep blue forest-like design. It is easy to add this blind in contemporary homes and work perfectly for a children's room! We offer a great range of playful and stylish designs to stylised geometric patterns. All of which can be easily inserted into any room. 


Looking to add colour to your life?

We offer a tremendous range of blue blinds on our website, and you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Whether you're interested in having complete light control, Vertical and Venetian blinds are the ones for you. Want a strong pattern or blackout blind? Roller and Pleated blinds work the best.

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