What are Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds?

Perfect-fit Venetian blinds are a fast-growing trend on the market. They’re specifically designed for use on uPVC windows frames, to be installed directly on the window and not a surrounding wall. Even better, they require zero drilling! Instead, they clip onto the frame in a quick and easy process that doesn’t risk damage to your windows or walls.

Typically available as pleated or perfect-fit Venetian blinds are one of the newest offerings on Blinds4You. They’re both stylish and practical as a window covering, and are simple enough to adapt well to any space and interior.

What are the Benefits of Perfect-Fit Venetian Blinds?

Perfect-Fit Venetian Blinds

Light Regulation

One of our favourite things about perfect-fit Venetian blinds is how easy it is to control the level of light you let in through the window. The horizontal slats allow you to open or close the blind as you wish - full privacy and darkness, a flood of natural sunlight, or somewhere in between.

This is also what sets the perfect-fit blind apart from other Venetian blinds. By achieving a closer fit on the frame rather than set away from the wall, less of the window is exposed. Not only does less light filter through when you don’t want it, it’s handy for maintaining room temperature in the colder months. Less cold is let in and less heat can escape.

Durability & Maintenance

The sleek yet sturdy design makes perfect blinds a long-lasting choice for any home. The slats are quick to clean and require very little overall maintenance, which is particularly handy for families with busy lives. A simple duster, damp cloth, or even a small vacuum nozzle will easily remove any build up of dust and dirt.

Range of Finishes

Here at Blinds4You, perfect-fit Venetian blinds are available made-to-measure in a number of materials and finishes. 

The aluminium blinds are moisture resistant and therefore ideal for kitchens or bathrooms, where the frequent presence of steam could be damaging to other types of blind. 

Elsewhere, vibrant purples and greens are available for anyone looking to brighten their home with blinds. If that’s not to your taste, there’s sure to be a shade and design fitting for your interiors.

How Do Fit You Perfect-Fit Venetian Blinds?

The easy installation process for perfect-fit Venetian blinds is ideal for anyone averse to DIY. With no need for a drill or screws, they can be safely mounted to your window in mere minutes - as long as your windows are compatible. Brackets fit neatly into the beading channels inside your window, which the blinds are then clipped onto. Simple!

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