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What are Blackout Blinds or Shades?

Blackout blinds or shades are simply how they are described; designed to blackout your room. They are made using blackout properties that will stop light passing through the material making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, studies and any room which requires the reduction of light and screen glare. 

Despite the name, they come in all different blind types and colours, so you do have the option to keep your decor as-is or use blackout blinds as part of your renovation project. 

Here are some of the key types you can opt for when choosing a blackout blind or shade:

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds

Often viewed as the staple blackout blind, the roller blackout shade comes in a variety of styles in terms of patterned, striped, plain and multi-coloured. It doesn’t stop there, whilst you have many options when it comes to the aesthetics of your blind, you can also add functionality too. Some of our blackout roller blinds also have the additional advantages of being moisture resistant, wipeable, waterproof and flame resistant giving you peace of mind.

Furthermore, you could add a touch of sophistication and technology to your blackout roller blind by opting for an electric version. Just imagine, waking up and controlling the light in your room from the comfort of your bed! 

Discover our range of blackout roller blinds here.

Blackout Vertical Blinds

Blackout vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are often chosen due to their versatility to control light - particularly for larger windows. However, they’re not usually chosen as a blackout blind due to the blind being made of slats as opposed to a larger piece of fabric. Don’t let this stop you from opting for this type of blind. 

If you have a large window, patio, sliding or bi-fold doors and still want full control over your light exposure, then blackout vertical blinds may be the choice for you. Like roller blinds, vertical blackouts come with features including wipeable, waterproof and flame retardant meaning they’re ideal for kitchen and bathrooms. 

View our collection of blackout vertical blinds.

Blackout Pleated Blinds

Blackout pleated blinds

If you’re looking for an elegant, neat fit to your window that blocks out light, then a blackout pleated blind could be the perfect fit for you. Pleated blinds are as much functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Due to the material used on our range, they’re fabric means they keep rooms cool in summer and warmer in winter - keeping the cost of your energy bills down. 

Whilst verticals and rollers do have the added benefit of being waterproof and wipeable, you do have plenty of options when it comes to colours of blackout pleated blinds. Why not see for yourself and order a sample of a blackout pleated blind today. 

Blackout Day & Night Blinds

Blackout Day & Night Blinds

Day & Night or Vision blinds have become really popular in recent years. They’re very much like a combination of a roller blind and venetian blind. They offer great light control coupled with a stylish look to give you the best of both worlds. What’s more is that you can also opt for a blackout option. Blackout Day & Night blinds work similar to that of blackout roller blinds, in that there is a layer of fabric that stops light passing through, ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and studies. 

View the blackout day & night blind range here. 

Which Blackout Blind Should I Choose?

In summary, it’s clear that blackout blinds come in all different types and colours, making the options available pretty vast. So the choice is really down to what style works best for you and the colour choice that would match your room the best. Either way, there’s a great choice available - over 300 blinds! - and start from as little as £8.91. View the entire collection of blackout blinds here.
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