Velux Blackout Blinds

Velux have been the most popular window for pitched roofs for many years. Roof blinds are made by various manufacturers but the most recognised brand is Velux. Due to the nature of a pitched roof, the windows provide a lot of light into your room which is one of the main benefits of this style of window. However, this also poses a problem when it comes to bed time or trying to reduce light exposure into your room. That’s why Velux blackout blinds are a great choice. 

Not only do they look sleek, they offer a level of light control that other blinds don’t. As the blind sits within the frame of the window, they look very stylish. The added benefit is that you can pull them up or down to give you as much light control as possible. 

What colour options of Velux blackout are there?

Different colours of Velux Blackout Blinds

You’ll most likely require a Velux blind for a bedroom loft conversion or a new extended kitchen, which means you’ll probably want your blind to match the decor of your room. Therefore, you’ll want a range of colour options to choose from. Ultimately, the range of Velux blinds is similar to that of a Roller blind, meaning they come in a range of block colours which can add depth of colour to your room. From contemporary grey to fiery red, there are multiple options when it comes to choosing your Velux blackout blind. 

Why should I opt for blackout blinds?

On the whole, blackout blinds can be adapted to most blind types. Our article on Blackout Blinds covers what is available in the range in more detail should you want a different option. When it comes to roof blinds, or specifically Velux, the reason for choosing blackout is pretty obvious - to block out any light. Due to the nature of a Velux window, you’ll get plenty of light beaming into the room throughout the day. In summer this can make the room particularly warm so opting for a blackout blind is good to keep things cool. 

Additionally, when it’s time to lay your head to rest, roof windows are pitched at an angle meaning you could be directly under the window - not ideal for those mornings in the spring and summer when the sun is rising earlier in the day. This is another reason why choosing a blackout Velux is ideal as it means that you will be able to go to bed and not worry about being woken up at the break of dawn. 

How do I operate a Velux blackout blind? 

Skylights are often placed in more difficult areas to reach. New extended properties that utilise skylights to let in more light are often placed high, meaning they’re difficult to reach. Alternatively, loft conversions for bedrooms are likely to have the windows within reaching distance due to the headspace in the roof. If your skylight is within reaching distance then a simple manual hand operation will suffice. However, if you’re needing support to reach those skylights that are hard to reach, there are tools that can help such as extended rods or motorised control pads should you wish to upgrade. 

How to fit a Velux blackout blind

When it comes to fitting your Velux blackout blind, it’s pretty straightforward - even for a novice DIY enthusiast. Due to the nature of the window, it makes it easy to clip the frame of the blind to the window and with a few screws into the frame, you’re good to go. All the brackets and screws in order to fit the blind are contained within the packaging so there’s no need to worry. For more detailed information on fitting a Velux blind, download our fitting guide for roof blinds here

How do I order my Velux blind?

Because not all Velux windows come in a standard size, you’ll need to ensure that you know the full detail of your window in order to purchase the correct blind. There are two pieces of information required to get the blind you need. Firstly, your window will be fitted with a plate that gives you various codes. This is often located on the top of the frame. Then, you will need to note both the window code and then the size code of your window. Finally, head over to the blind of your choice from our range and enter the two codes you have noted. This will then give you an instant price that you can add to your basket and purchase. 

How to order Velux Blackout Blinds


What other Roof blinds are there? 

Don’t worry if your window isn’t a branded Velux skylight. In addition to Velux, there are other manufacturers of roof blinds despite Velux being recognised as the main manufacturer of skylights. Our range includes other manufacturers including: Dakstra, Fakro, Keylite and Rooflite. These operate in a similar fashion in terms of window codes and size codes so it’s just as easy to order these using the instructions given above. 

Why not head over to our Velux Blinds collection and browse your desired roof blind today. 

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