The Best Blinds for the Living Room

The living room can be where we spend most of our time on a day-to-day basis at home. It’s a room that should make you feel at ease and comfortable whilst also expressing your personality to your visitors. Blinds can be added to your home for privacy, light control as well as design interior benefits.

Living Room Window Blinds

Living room window blinds are easier to choose than other rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens because you do not face the same challenges, such as moisture. That being said, picking the right blind to suit your personality and following the interior style of your home can be difficult. So, to assist, we have picked a selection of blinds we believe are perfect for living rooms. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Modern Living Room Blinds

We are always looking to add beneficial features to our home. Our blinds provide both function and look aesthetically pleasing. Let's look at the range of blinds that will influence the mood of the room and provide the practical purpose you require for your living room.

As the cold weather continues, it’s important to consider how to keep the heat in to create a cosy living room. Our selection of energy-saving blinds will not only trap heat keeping your home toasty but are offered in a range of styles and designs to suit your taste.

Texture is your friend until the end. Add volume and character to your home. Floral or patterned blinds will be a bold move that will turn your house into a home. Why not amplify it with Roman blinds that allow maximum control over light and privacy with the elegant fold in the fabric you can inject personality into the room!

Use colour to let your personality shine in your interior. Why not dare with pink, blue and green to influence the atmosphere or simply to bring out your adventurous side? Combine them with some neutral colours to make the blind a focal point or you can contrast them with other colours to make the room look magical.

Living Room Blind Ideas

It's time to explore living room blind ideas for developing and customising your home. Blinds4You offers a wide range of styles, colours and fabrics that will make your 2023 interior stand out.

Vertical Living Room Blinds

Vertical blinds are known to be amazing for larger windows as they offer great privacy and light control. Vertical living room blinds come in a wide variety of colours and allow you to enhance your living room.

Vertical living room blinds are perfect for family homes due to the child safety feature which is included in all our blinds. Vertical blinds can come in a PVC option that is easy to clean if dirty hands get a hold of them.

Austin Mint Green Vertical Blinds

Austin Mint Green is a textured fabric, it will work well in any traditional or modern home, this Vertical living room blind will offer an effortless style to complement a classic room. Draw and close your Vertical blinds or rotate the fabric slats 180 degrees to control what can be seen from the outside and the light coming in. 

Roman Living Room Blinds

Roman blinds are a tasteful choice for your living room, plus they provide energy-saving benefits. Because of the unique fold, it amplifies your living space while adding texture and personality to the room.  Roman living room blinds are popular in interior design because the interesting shape of the blind will make it look amazing in any room.

Brilliant Navy Blue Roman Blinds

Our Brilliant Navy Blue Roman living room blind is a great choice for adding a splash of colour to any room. Easily coordinating with other shades of blue, as well as neutral or white spaces, this blind is simply charming.

 Wooden Living Room Blinds

An elegant option to add a warm and soft atmosphere. Wooden blinds for living rooms come in many beautiful designs, from real wood to faux wood, meaning they fit any budget. If you want synthetic wood, you can always opt for a grain finish to replicate the effect of real wood.

If your living room is modern, traditional, or colourful, Wooden blinds will always tie in seamlessly. The best thing about Wooden living room blinds is that they are easy to maintain, just use a duster or damp cloth and they will look like new in seconds.

Vienna Vapour Beige Wooden Blinds 50mm

Rich, warm and welcoming, our Vienna Vapour Beige Wooden blind is the height of sophistication. Total light control, effortless and incredibly robust cleaning, perfect in any home, with an extra warm feeling.

Roller Living Room Blinds

Roller blinds are known for their smooth functioning, clean and elegant appearance that they bring to a room, but also for having a wide range of colours and patterns that will best suit your decoration. Roller living room blinds are known to be affordable, but this doesn't mean you should compromise on the style and design of the blind. These blinds are known for coordinating perfectly with curtains to create layers and textures in the room.

Eilen Sorbet Pink Roller Blinds


Add the finishing touches to your home with this Eilen Sorbet Pink Roller blind. Embodying pure elegance, this Roller living room blind features a delicate petal print. Simple but very sophisticated, the Eilen Sorbet Roller blind is extremely versatile and adapts perfectly to other neutral shades.


Now that the important parts have been discussed, what are you going to go for? Will you be bold with colour or will you add warmth with Wooden blinds? Whatever you decide Blinds4You has a wide range for you to choose from. Still not sure what to pick? Have a look at our other blog which looks at our Top 5 Living Room Blind Ideas for even more exciting ideas and choices available.





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