Top 5 Living Room Blind Ideas

Your living room is one of the most used areas in your home. It is the space where you spend your time relaxing so the decor wants  to be warm, cosy and welcoming. The window space that you have in your living room may also determine which blind you decide to choose. 


We’ve compiled a list of ideas below on the Top 5 living room blind ideas:

Warm and Welcoming

Living room blind ideas - Roller

As we mentioned above, living rooms are a place to relax, unwind and get cosy. Therefore, you want your room to feel warm and welcoming. A good way to execute this feel is to opt for Roman or Roller blinds. Roman blinds give off a sense of luxury and warmth and because they come in a number of patterns and colours, it makes it easy to match them to your decor. The same can be said for
Roller blinds. Rollers are a neater alternative to Romans due to them not layering when pulled up, but you can still add a warm feel to your living room using Rollers due to the colours and patterns available. 

Top recommendation - Opt for Roller or Roman blinds if you have a box bay or square  living room window.

Functional and Practical

Living room blind ideas - Vertical

Because living room windows are not all the same depending on the era in which your house was built, you may need a larger blind to cover your window. Some living rooms may have longer windows or even patio doors that require blinds. In this case,
Vertical blinds are an ideal choice. They are practical in the way that you can use the tilt to let in or block out light. The practicalities of a vertical blind means you are also able to bunch the blinds together, should you wish to have the window or door completely exposed. 

Top recommendation - We’d suggest choosing Vertical blinds if you have a large window or doors to your living room.

Stylish and Contemporary

Living room blind ideas - Wooden

Some of the more contemporary living rooms often have either Wooden blinds or Day & Night blinds. Wooden blinds - or Venetian blinds - have become extremely popular in the last few years due to the expansion of the range, with the ability to have a choice of colours in real or faux wood. They can compliment or add vibrancy to a living room depending on the colour option you wish to go for. Likewise for Day & Night blinds. Not as frequently chosen but we’ve seen a huge demand for this blind type as they offer a stylish look with the ability to block out light completely. 

Top recommendation - Bay windows look great with Wooden or Venetian blinds. You could even add tapes for a more modern look for your living room.

Sleek and Tidy

Living room blind ideas - Pleated

If you’re one to like clean lines, then look no further than a Pleated or Perfect Fit blind. Pleated blinds are ideal for living rooms as they block out any glare coming into the room along with their thermal qualities meaning it keeps your room warm in winter and cool in summer. Additionally, Perfect Fit blinds sit so sleekly in the frame of your window, keeping everything neat and tidy. What’s more is that both ranges come in a variety of colour options meaning you can pair any blind to the decor of your living room. 

Top recommendation - Much like Roller or Roman blinds, if you have a box bay or square living room windows, Pleated or Perfect Fit are a great match for this window type. 

Dark and Cinematic

Living room blind ideas - Blackout

Some people spend a lot of their time in the living room watching television or sitting down to watch a movie. If you’re one of those people that enjoy having a cinematic experience in your lounge, then opting for a Blackout blind would be worthwhile.
Blackout blinds have evolved over the years meaning you’re not fixed to a certain style or colour. Our range of Blackouts include Roller, Vertical, Pleated and Day & Night. 

Top recommendation - As mentioned above, blackouts come in four options meaning you can match your blind to your style of window and are not fixed to a window type.

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