Red or Green Blinds?

Christmas is the time of year that everyone loves. The decorations are up and ready for Christmas Day, but have you ever thought about going that extra bit further? We have picked our favourite Christmas-inspired blinds which allow you to add a cosy and jolly touch to your home. It’s so important to decorate your windows as it does make a house a home, now the real question is red or green blinds?

Colourful Blinds for Christmas

Traditional colours will give you that festive feeling. Having a vivid red or a fresh green will allow your windows to pop and stand out from others.

Red Blinds

Our candy-cane inspired Red blinds are bold and beautiful options for your home this holiday season. They brighten up any room with their warm tones and come in so many shades to suit your needs. Red works well with white, green, blue, and black! No matter how your house is decorated there’s no doubt that red will tie in wonderfully this Christmas.

Red Vertical Blinds

Why not introduce a Rudolph red Vertical blind to allow for a bold look along with a warm atmosphere?  If you decorate the rest of your home with soft and warmer colours it will make the red pop and tie in seamlessly. Vertical blinds are perfect for larger and wider windows. They are wonderful for blocking out any unwanted glare plus they provide privacy when celebrating.

The Barcelona Scarlett Red Blackout Vertical blind is vibrant and eye-catching. Our red Vertical blinds offer complete control over light and privacy. The perfect colour for adding the Christmas touch. 

Barcelona Scarlett Red Vertical Blinds

Red Roller Blinds

Barra Poppy Red Roller blind  is a striking red Roller blind that is made from a recycled fabric which is perfect for any room. The intense shade sticks out from the rest and is easily paired with most colours. We love this colour matched with warm shades and dark wooden colours.

Barra Poppy Red Roller Blinds


 Red Venetian Blinds

The Red Rose Venetian blind is a bold and vibrant shade, which will inject a real pop of colour into your colour scheme. Our 25mm Venetian blinds offer a slim profile ensuring a sleek finish for your home. This Venetian blind is extremely easy to clean and maintain as it is made from aluminium slats. The fully adjustable slats sit neatly and can be easily manoeuvred to control the amount of light that is let into the room.

 Red Rose Venetian Blind


Green Blinds

Green Roller blinds offer a fresh and earthy colour that is greatly associated with Christmas, but people seem to find the colour  . It does not need to be, green brings in energy and a calm atmosphere. Roller blinds are easy to maintain since they don’t collect any dust which will make the Christmas tidy-up that little bit easier.

Our Barcelona Grama Green is a fabulous festive green, that will bring a clean and calm feel to any room and extra privacy with the blackout feature. This green Roller blind will make the perfect background for festive selfies.

 Barcelona Grama Green Roller Blinds


Green Venetian Blinds

Green Venetian blinds are guaranteed to stand out in any room, providing a beautiful complement to multiple interior styles and colour schemes. The Perfect Fit Majestic Green Venetian blind is a great choice for any home interior, with waterproof material, making it easy to clean and maintain. All of it is held together expertly with a Perfect Fit frame that clips to your window in seconds and delivers a fully integrated look without any gaps.


Green Vertical Blinds

Our Coll Fern Green Vertical blind will bring a fresh, natural look to any window. Beautifully crafted, this stunning Vertical blind will bring boldness into the room. Suitable for any room in the home, making it a very versatile option.


 Coll Fern Green Vertical Blind

So have we convinced you to think outside the box with decorating this Christmas? We love the look and atmosphere our red and green blinds bring to the holiday season and especially how they will enhance your home year-round. These colours tie any interior together and really add a focal point to your home that everyone will say WOW, so no matter your choice you won’t regret it!

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