Bathroom Blinds

Choosing a bathroom blind goes beyond considerations of style and how they can complement your interior design choices. Bathroom blinds have to be practical, as well as functional. 

Your bathroom is a bustling environment (particularly in the morning)! Each visitor has their own unique routine and preferred methods of preparation full of splashes, splats and spills.  

The scene afterwards can often look as if a tsunami has hit. That’s why it’s important to choose bathroom blinds by considering features that can withstand waves of moisture and fluctuating temperatures.

Waterproof Bathroom Blinds

Waterproof bathroom Blinds will be an added benefit to your home. Perfect for a family home due to the wipeable material you won’t need to worry about mess when the little ones are brushing. Due to the PVC coating, waterproof bathroom blinds do not absorb anything in the air, causing them to stay fresh all year round. Learn more about the benefits of waterproof blinds.

Blinds for Bathroom windows

Many of us use the bathroom as a place to unwind. A sanctuary for relaxation. A temple for tranquillity. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a blind for your bathroom window which offers privacy and blends seamlessly with your personal tastes, as well as serving a purpose when it comes to its ability to repel water and avoid deterioration.

Best Blinds for Bathrooms

Selecting the best blinds for bathrooms is important as they need to provide privacy and fit your bathroom decor. We have compiled a list of our favourite bathroom blinds from PVC Roller blinds to wonderful water-resistant Faux Wooden blinds. We have something perfect for everyone's bathroom.

Roller Blinds for Bathrooms

Due to the high-quality PVC and its ability to operate as a blackout feature and give you ultimate privacy, PVC Roller bathroom blinds are perfect for steamy and humid rooms. With so many different colours and patterns to choose from, you can undoubtedly unwind in peace. Your housework will also get a little bit easier because PVC materials are wipeable allowing you to relax to the fullest..

Eilen Marina Grey Roller Blinds

Simple yet luxurious, the Eilen Marina Grey roller blind is extremely versatile and sits perfectly with a variety of colour schemes and interior styles ranging from contemporary to country chic.

Vertical Blinds for Bathroom

Perfect for privacy Vertical blinds for bathrooms allow you to take control of your solitude thanks to their adjustable slats. They give you the option to angle sunlight in any direction or close them for total privacy. In addition to being strong, adaptable, and versatile, Vertical blinds are also available in PVC fabrics. Choose from a variety of different colours allowing you to express your personality in any setting.

Cara Black Vertical Blinds

This Cara Black PVC Vertical blind is a black cracked effect fabric with a slight shine to the pattern. Make a statement with this ultra-modern blind that is not only contemporary but practical too. 

Faux-wood Blinds for Bathroom

Another great option for humid areas is faux wooden Venetian blinds because they won't warp in warm and humid environments. Due to the grain effect that can run through the slat, faux wooden Venetians will provide the appearance of real wood, and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Since waterproof faux wooden blinds are impermeable, you don't have to worry about an enthusiastic tap or bubble fights because these blinds' qualities will ensure that your stylish woods won't become discoloured.

 Zodiac Toffee Brown Wooden Blinds 50mm

Our Zodiac Toffee Brown faux wood is made from a tough PVC which means no matter which window you pop it in it will last and last. With just a damp wet cloth you can get rid of any kind of dirt that might get on it. Making dressing your window stress-free.

There you have it, bathroom blinds don’t need to be plain and boring. You truly can have patterns and textures to show off your personality in all aspects of your home. Allowing you to relax and unwind with fashionable and durable blinds from Binds4You.

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