Patio Door Blinds - The Best Blinds for Patio Doors

Patio doors are often found at the rear or side of a property. More often than not they are either located in the kitchen or a dining room of a traditional house. Some modern properties have living rooms to the rear depending on the style of house and also in bungalows  You can find patio doors in bedrooms too. 

Therefore, the need for the right patio blind will depend on how the patio door is used. If you have patio doors in a bedroom then privacy would take priority. Whereas, if you have patio doors in your kitchen, it could be accessibility and style that is the main focus. No matter what you require for your patio door blinds, we’ve got you covered. 

The best blinds for style options

Roller Blinds Patio Doors

If you have a sparkling new kitchen or you’ve just redecorated your dining room, then choosing the right blinds in terms of colour and style are important. Because patio doors are long and tall, you may be drawn to Vertical blinds. However, don’t discount other blinds types such as Rollers. Roller blinds come in a variety of colours and styles and with Roller blinds being cost-effective, it means you can always upgrade to blackout, wipeable or moisture resistant fabrics. Because they’re practical, available in a range of colours and have added features, they are an excellent choice for patio doors. 

The best blinds for privacy & functionality

Vertical Patio Door Blinds

As we’ve said above, patio doors have conventionally been associated with Vertical blinds. This is because Vertical’s are easy to control light with their tilt and bunching function which ties into their privacy benefits. Because they are controllable in a number of ways - as opposed to straight up and down like Rollers - Vertical blinds mean that you can keep your room private but still control a level of light exposure. We’ve also seen Vertical blinds branch out into different colours and patterns as well as some blinds having blackout features. 

The best patio blind for accessibility & sleekness

There’s a clear winner here. As Perfect Fit blinds sit within the frame of your uPCV patio door, they look ultra-sleek and are ideal for doors that require regular access - particularly for those with kids in and out of the house in summer. Not only do they look great, they are super-easy to install too! With no drilling required, you simply clip the special frame into place and away you go. And because they don’t have any cords, they are even more child and pet friendly. Our range comes in Venetian and Pleated and a variety of colours to match any home. 

Blinds to keep your room cool or warm

Similar to conservatories, patio doors let in a lot of light which means your room can get very hot in the summer, and too cold in winter. A great way to combat this issue is to opt for Thermal blinds. Thermal Blinds are designed to help keep your home insulated all year round and are the most energy-efficient blinds you can buy - helping to reduce your energy bills too.

The best blinds for light control

Day & Night Patio Door Blinds

Whilst Roller blinds are effective for adding colour and patterns to a room, they are less effective for light control. One blind that is ideal for practicality and light control are Day & Night blinds. These have been very popular in recent years because of how they look - modern and sophisticated - coupled with their ability to control light. The panelling allows you to have a venetian look or completely block out light like a roller. They also fully retract like a roller too, meaning these are ideal for versatility. 

Which patio door blind should I choose?

It really depends on what you value most from your blind. The options above give you a really good sense of what works best for different needs. If you need more guidance, our customer service team is readily available to answer your questions to ensure you get the right blind, first time.

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