Large Window Blinds

Large windows are a fabulous feature to have in your home. They allow in plenty of natural light, making the room appear larger. Plus, it’s a pretty luxurious focal point to have. 

However, you may be thinking, can I buy blinds big enough for my windows? The answer is yes you can. At Blinds4You we offer a range of blinds in wider widths and drops than you may think with some up to 5m wide!

Blinds for Large Windows

Large windows aren’t a problem at Blinds4You, because all our products are made to measure which allows you to tailor-make your blinds to fit your windows perfectly. Let’s discuss the best options that will complement very large windows well.

Blinds for Wide Windows

Larger windows can be tricky to find the best blinds to suit them and not have to compromise your style. To select the perfect blinds for wide windows you need to consider the functional aspect you’re looking to achieve in your home. 

Are you looking for better light control, privacy or looking for a focal point in your home? These are just some questions to consider when choosing blinds for wide windows. 

Our measuring guides provide a range of different fitting options such as inside or outside recess allowing you different options to cover your wider windows. We are here to lead you in the right direction regarding choosing a blind for wide windows. 

Extra Wide Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds provide a sleek look that suits any windows but are also an unmatched option for larger windows due to the versatile seamless look they give off. 

For larger windows Vertical blinds are a dream. They provide privacy and light control due to their multifunctional uses. Have full control over the light by tilting the slats in any direction to angle the light. Vertical blinds also provide privacy to your home allowing you to have them fully open, half open or closed. 

Our wide Vertical blinds are available up to 5m wide meaning they are great for larger windows and provide control over your space.

Cream Vertical Blinds

Maximum Width: 5000mm 

Maximum Drop:  4500mm

B4U Top Pick: Jura Pure, along with its shine plus horizontal texture, brings warmth to your windows. White is the perfect choice for bedrooms and living rooms.


Extra Wide Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a popular go-to for larger windows due to the wider fabric available. As they can come up to 3.5m wide and 5m drop it’s no wonder why they are great options for larger windows. 

Our extra wide Roller blinds are easy to maintain, as they don’t gather any unwanted dust, so you don’t need to start climbing the walls to reach the difficult areas. 

We offer a range of patterns, textures and coloured fabrics in wide Roller blind so you're not restricted in choice.


Grey Roller blind

Maximum Width: 3500mm

Maximum Drop:  5000mm

B4U Top Pick: Achieve an understated organic look with this Aspen Sky Blue Roller blind. This extra wide Roller blind is the sleek finish that interiors deserve, offering seamless style as well as exceptional functionality.


Extra Wide Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are manufactured with horizontal slats that provide full control of your privacy. Manoeuvre the blinds up and down or tilt the slats to adjust to reduce light exposure. 

Extra wide Venetian blinds come in different types of materials: wood, faux wood and aluminium, giving you many options for your larger windows.

Grey Venetian blind

Maximum Width:  3050mm

Maximum Drop:  3500mm

B4U Top Pick: The beautiful Almond Brown Venetian blind would be a great addition to any room. The warm brown tone creates a natural chic finish to your windows. Sitting perfectly, this Venetian blind is a perfect base colour for any room, if you are looking for a neat, easy to-keep and maintain this blind is the perfect one for you.


Extra Wide Blackout Blinds

Blackout fabric comes in most of our blinds, allowing you to have maximum privacy, reduce glare and stop any unwanted light from getting through whilst you’re trying to relax. 

Looking to keep light to a minimum? Fit your Roller blind outside the window recess to reduce light gaps in your home. Extra wide blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms to help you get a good night's sleep.

Blackout Rollers blind

Maximum Width: 2800mm

Maximum Drop:  3000mm

B4U Top Pick: Barcelona Oyster Cream Blackout Roller blind is a cream fabric, which is also suitable for moist conditions. This cream Roller blind is a popular window dressing due to its neutral colouring. It gives you the flexibility to change your interior without having to change your window blinds. 


Now you know the best blinds for larger windows, it's time to pick the style which will suit your home. Explore our website to find the perfect blinds for your wide windows. Insert your measurements to receive a quote for your window size. If you’re not sure how to measure for your desired blinds, have a look through our measuring guide to get started.

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