How to Dress your Window for a Fraction of the Cost

The cost of living conundrum causes all kinds of conflicting concerns and emotions. With money tight for most of us, we find ourselves carefully calculating budgets to better manage our outgoings and, as a result, new blinds are likely the last thing on your list but, hang on, hear us out.

Unless you’re an avid interior designer or decor diva, the need for new blinds is not so recurring. Blinds can last a lifetime, if well-looked-after. Making an investment in the right blinds now, could be a great cost saving exercise. Also, stylish blinds are affordable and come in a range of options to suit your individual desires. 


How can blinds save you money?

Many of us will never have looked to blinds for cost saving solutions. Yet, made-to-measure blinds come with a few cost saving attributes. 

  • Firstly, because our blinds are made-to-measure and simple to install, there’s no need to hire in any help. Download our fitting guides, for easy, step-by-step instruction.
  • Secondly, snug-fit blinds can help combat drafts coming in through cracks or broken seals surrounding your window, making for a warmer environment (with less need for flicking the heating on). See more about our cost saving thermal blinds below. 
  • Lastly, as opposed to expensive curtains and excessive curtain rails, we stock a range of intricate and stylish blinds, made from a variety of materials.


Energy Saving Thermal Blinds

According to the Energy Department ‘about 30% of a home's heating energy is lost through windows’ and around ‘76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat’. Thermal blinds can help with this energy loss and the lowering of energy bills.

If you want to regulate the temperature of a room more effectively, thermal blinds are the ideal solution. Designed to help keep your home insulated all year round, acting as a thermal shield, they help to keep you warmer during the winter and cooler throughout the summer. For optimal results, you will need to be strategic throughout the seasons. 

Annually, you could save up to 15% on your energy bills through the effective use of thermal blinds.


    Affordable Blinds with Style & Substance

      Enhancing the overall appearance of your window without compromising on the quality may seem like an unimaginable feat. However, at Blinds4You, we pride ourselves on aesthetically pleasing products, sourced at the most competitive prices. Choose from a wide range of blinds that will make your home look magical without breaking the bank.

      Here’s a selection of some of our favourite, affordable blinds:


      Aluminium Venetian Blinds

      From £9.90

      Wherever aluminium is referenced, it’s hard not to picture the reflective silver of a soda can. But that’s not reflected when it comes to the colour of our aluminium blinds. Our aluminium venetian blinds come in a range of surprisingly seductive shades. From Frosted Blue to a Terracotta Orange Twist (as seen below), we supply an attractive collection of colours to add to any atmosphere or environment. 

      Orange Aluminium Venetian Blind

      The rustic charm of the terracotta adds to the country house feel and invites a sense of warmth to this window space, contrasting against the white walls and furniture. 

      Aluminium blinds are ideal for keeping costs to a minimum whilst maximising the appearance. The sleek slats accentuate a certain style, and a contemporary edge, whilst the lightweight aluminium makes for a less clunky window covering.

      With prices starting at £9.90, these aluminium venetian blinds are affordable, attractive and energy efficient as the reflective coating ​​applies to heat gain and loss. 


      Vertical Blinds

      From £8.91

      Vertical lines are an age-old design feature and look formidable in any window space. Ideal for a taller window to draw your eyes to the height and scale of the space, vertical blinds can be captivating.

      Vertical Blinds

      Although vertical blinds are perfect for privacy, they can also be vibrant as well as practical. Sift through a choice of plains, textures and jacquards which all feature in a bright spectrum of shades to suit your home’s colour scheme.

      Keep it classy with these Flamenco Cream Vertical Blinds and create an environment which is both a living and working space. The calming tones and textures of this blind make a space more accessible and offer a welcome break from a hectic lifestyle. Cream is a natural colour that blends flawlessly with any decor and is a perfect base for more bold colours, when it comes to fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

      Currently, with a 10% saving, these vertical blinds really are the cream of the crop! 


      Roller Blinds

      From £7.92

      A favourite for fun and adorable prints which have the ability to uplift any decor and most moods, roller blinds are also a functional favourite too.

      The simplicity of the roller blind is also part of its appeal - a singular piece of fabric that hangs from a headrail with a weighted bar to keep it taut. Without slats, privacy is maintained and light kept at bay, making them a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and games rooms. 

      Blue Bathroom Roller Blind

      A multipurpose appeal in a plethora of colours makes roller blinds a must-have in most window spaces. Above, the Vienna Midnight Blue Roller Blind encapsulates this modern bathroom with its alluring bold tone.

      The made-to-measure fit of the blind completes the look of this fashionable bathroom.


      Wooden Blinds

      From £13.59

      Wood can often be a costly commodity. Despite this, we like to think our wooden blinds offer outstanding value for money. We even champion our faux wood collection which can impersonate a wood and compete with cost.

      Wooden blinds welcome the wow-factor. The overall appeal and aesthetic of wooden blinds instantly add a particular emphasis to a window space. Reliable, well-built and functional, our wooden blinds are backed up by their beautiful finish and feel. 

      Dark Brown Wooden Blinds

      With a full spectrum of wooden colour variants to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match to complement your kitchen cupboards, just like this Solstice Dark Brown Wooden Blind.

      Bolster your window space with a bold statement and opt for a wooden blind. 


      What else makes a window look good? 

      Once you’ve purchased your made-to-measure blind, you may want to consider other elements which will give your window that new lease of life. As we know, plants and flowers thrive on a windowsill and their colour and form create captivating contrasts against the rigid canvases of blinds.

      Picture frames will also draw the eye to your window space and invite onlookers to admire all your new blind has to offer. 

      A contrasting colour of paint on the surrounding wall will also make your blind pop! 

      Window dressing

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