How To Clean Pleated And Cellular Blinds

Pleated/cellular blinds are a great addition to any window space, pleated blinds are becoming more popular and trendy. All types of blinds can collect dust, it is important to know how to clean your blinds and which products to use without damaging the fabric/materials. The most common  question we get asked if how to get rid of dust, along with stains or marks. Keeping on top of the cleaning/dusting of the blinds will prevent any heavy dust from piling up, see our guide below for the best options on how to clean cellular blinds.


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How to remove dust from pleated

Removing dust from pleated blinds is super easy! All you will need is your vacuum cleaner, along with the brush attachment. Making sure it is on a low – medium setting, you simply just swipe along with the cellular blinds in a horizontal pattern, this will allow the dirt to loosen and prevent the fabric from being sucked up or crumpled into the brush assortment.

For more stubborn dust that the vacuum couldn’t collect, you can use a lint roller to clean them easily while being careful to make sure you don’t crimple the blinds. 


I have a stain on my pleated blinds can they be washed?

To remove any stains or dirt from cellular blinds, we would recommend trying to dust your blinds (simply like the methods above for dusting), leave using water and towels as a very last resort. If the vacuum or dusting doesn’t seem to be moving the stain or easing it out a bit, we would then recommend trying some warm water, and a very mild washing detergent such as washing up liquid and simply damp the cloth, then dab the affected area where the stain or dirt might be. Then get a dry cloth and gently take off the excess water by dabbing the area.

We don’t recommend scrubbing the fabric as this can cause them to lose their shape, or may possibly damage the blinds, we also don’t recommend getting them soaking or overly wet – this can also cause them to lose shape or become damaged. Once they are almost dry, leave the blinds raised for a few hours, this should allow the blind to dry fully.

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How do I remove dust inside the cellular blinds?

It is important to keep our blinds clean and in good condition, this will allow them to last even longer. For cellular/honeycomb shades, it is vital we remember to clean the inside of the shades, dust may gather or if you’ve had your window open on a hot summer day, bugs may have gone inside. If this does happen, don’t panic, there are plenty you can try to clean the inside with.

The best way is to use a can of compressed air, you simply just place the straw in and push anything out of it. If you don’t have a compressed air can, a hairdryer may also work in a cool setting but be careful when using it. It isn't as efficient as compressed air cans but does a good job keeping the blinds clean.



As with all blinds, keeping on top of dusting really helps make sure your blinds are looking their best. Although, cellular pleated blinds may seem a bit tricky to clean, it is very easy to keep on top of and can be done easily with just a can of compressed air! Take a look at our collection of Pleated blinds here.


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