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How Much Do Vertical Blinds Cost?

Vertical blinds have long been a popular blind - particularly for large windows such as french doors, full-length windows, sliding doors and bi-folds. The cost of vertical blinds can be dependent on a number of factors that include: size, material and features (such as blackout, waterproof etc.). 


We’ve highlighted factors that affect the price of a vertical blind: 


Why Choose a Vertical Blind? 

Let’s start off with the reasons why you may choose a vertical blind. Vertical blinds have been part of many homes and offices for a number of years due to their versatility and look. Due to their ability to control light, they have been an ideal choice for rooms that require more privacy or for rooms with strong light exposure. Although vertical blinds can be fitted to most window styles, they’re typically used for larger windows where control is paramount, such as french and sliding doors. 

If you want to know more about vertical blinds, read our article on why choosing a vertical blind may be right for you.  


Different Sizes of Vertical Blinds 

We offer a made-to-measure service, allowing you to tailor-make your blind ensuring that it is suitable for your window. As stated above, vertical blinds look great in any room, meaning that you can apply to a small bedroom window, up to a larger full-length window and also sliding/french doors. 

The cost of vertical blinds are obviously dependent on the size of the window in which you’re looking to control light. Our entry level blinds, such as the Nice White Vertical Blind from £9.00 (300m x 300m), has a minimum and maximum width and drop of the following: 

  • Minimum width: 300mm, maximum width: 4115mm
  • Minimum drop: 300mm, maximum drop: 2913mm

Alternatively, the higher end of our product range of verticals, such as the Otis range start from £42.95 (610mm x 610mm) with a minimum and maximum width and drop of the following: 

  • Minimum width: 610mm, maximum width: 4115mm
  • Minimum drop: 610mm, maximum drop: 2913mm

Therefore, once you have measured the desired window, the cost of your vertical blinds will vary based on the size and material of your choice. 


Typical Window Size Costs

To give you an indication of what a typical vertical blind may cost, we’ve broken this down using standard window sizes and with a mid-range priced blind:

Sliding doors (£70 for a 2-door blind): 

Based on a 2-panel sliding door of 75 inches wide and 80 inches high, a mid-range vertical blind will cost in the region of £70:

sliding door vertical blinds cost


French Doors (£90 for a mid-sized covering):

For an averaged sized French Door cover, you’d be looking at 50 inches wide with an 80 inch drop. This will cost in the region of £90 for a mid-range blind:

French Doors Vertical Blinds Cost


Bedroom window (Around £45 per window):

According to Everest, the standard size for a bedroom window ranges from a width of 60-85cm and a drop range of 90-160cm. We’ve shown an example of a mid-way of these measurements (70cm width x 140 cm drop) which come out at £45 per window:

Bedroom Window Vertical Blinds Cost


How Materials and Features of Vertical Blinds Affect Cost

Once you have measured your window and are ready to purchase your blind, you may want to assess the options available to you. The first starting point may be the colour. Vertical blinds come in a range of colours which may have a bearing on the cost. As white and neutrals are the most popular, the range is greater meaning you can purchase entry level blinds starting from as low as £10 for minimum drop/width, right up to £40 plus for the minimum drop/width. 

However, if you’re looking for a more statement colour to compliment your room's decor, then the cost may be higher. For example, if you want to add a cool blue vertical to your room, these are not as widely requested meaning the range is slightly smaller than a neutral and the cost is also increased. Our entry level blue vertical blinds start from £30 plus for the minimum drop/width.

Furthermore, once you’ve decided on a colour, you may want a specific material or feature to accommodate your colour of choice. The cost of adding a specific feature or material to your vertical blind can differ greatly depending on what you’re looking to add. For example, vertical blinds that have the option for blackout material - which stops light from penetrating through the blind - may cost more than those without. There are also other features such as waterproof, flame retardant, wipeable, moisture resistant and more! 

Here are some examples of costs based on the above mentioned features: 



White: From £9.00 (300m x 300m - minimum drop x width)

Other colour variant example:

Grey/Silver: From £33.06 (610m x 610m - minimum drop x width)



PVC: From £36.04 (610m x 610m - minimum drop x width)

Plain From £9.00 (300m x 300m - minimum drop x width)



Waterproof: From £36.04 (610m x 610m - minimum drop x width)

Flame Retardant: From £33.06 (610m x 610m - minimum drop x width)

Blackout: From From £9.00 (300m x 300m - minimum drop x width)


The Cost of Vertical Blinds 

So there you have it. The cost of a vertical blind is dependent on a number of factors, most notably the size (drop and width), the colour, the material and the feature. All of the prices on our site vary due to them being made-to-measure. Our pricing calculator is easy to use, simply enter your measurements (in either cm, mm or inches - depending on your window size) and then you will get an instant price which you can add to your basket and checkout. 

There are other options to choose from with vertical blinds such as your fitting option (exact or recess), bracket style (top or face fix), bunch option (centre, right, left or split) and control type (right or left). Even better, these have no bearing on the cost of your vertical blind!

Why not head over to our Vertical Blinds collection and browse our range today.

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