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How do Venetian Blinds Work?

Venetian Blinds are a timeless classic blind that are easy to operate, maintain and look great in any room.  Made of horizontal slats which rotate 180 degrees, this 180 degree rotation gives excellent light control in any room. Venetian Blinds come in a wide range of aluminium and wooden materials which you can choose from. Aluminium being an excellent option for humid zones such as bathrooms and kitchens, and wooden bringing a natural and modern look to your window. 

Venetian Blinds are very easy to operate. They are operated by a set of cords that open and close the blind. The cords allow you to pull the blind up and release back down. The cords also lock allowing you to lock the blind in place in your chosen position. The tilt wands are also a feature that can be added to your Venetian Blind. A tilt wand allows you to tilt the blinds to block out any unwanted light or for privacy. Venetian Blinds are an excellent and contemporary choice for any window space. 

How does the tilt mechanism work?

Venetian Blinds operate with tiny holes that are punched into every slat through which the cords run from the headrail to the bottom rail. They connect to the top tilt mechanism, which allows you to turn the Venetian slats clockwise or anti-clockwise in the angle you desire. Simply twist the tilt wand clockwise or anti-clockwise to rotate the Venetian slats to your preferred position. Twisting the slats up provides complete privacy, while twisting them down allows the maximum amount of light through. 

Venetian blind tilt

What is the cord lock mechanism?

The cord lock mechanism is hidden in the headrail of the blind and is a breakaway mechanism that holds the slats in place. You have complete command over where the blind stops, providing you with a full range of light control. Releasing the blind is also very easy, simply hold the cord diagonally across the blind and gently release the cord to lower the blind. Venetian Blinds are both easy and practical blinds to operate – making Ventiants a reliable and stylish option for any window!

How do you clean your Venetian Blinds? 

Aluminium and wooden Venetian Blinds are very easy to clean and maintain, making them look their best in no time. Dusting Venetian Blinds is one option to clean them. For the best result, a duster or soft microfibre cloth can be used to gently remove the dust. Starting in the centre of the blinds and moving across to each side of the slat to ensure that the dust doesn't just move along the slat. If you're looking to remove a mark from an aluminium Venetian Blind, a biodegradable wipe will do just the trick. 

How venetian blinds work - venetian aluminium

Are Venetian blinds right for you?

Now we’ve given you the breakdown of how Venetian blinds work, you’re in a position to make an informed decision whether or not they’re the right type of blind for your room. Either wooden or aluminium, Venetians give a stylish, contemporary look to any room and are available in a wide-range of colours to suit any decor! 

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