Blinds to Help With the Cost of Living

With living costs and energy bills on the rise in the UK, many are looking for new and innovative ways to conserve usage in order to save money. While lots of these tips focus on reducing costs when it comes to cooking and heating, you might not realise that your choice of window covering can also greatly impact energy conservation in the home.

While blinds make a helpful and stylish addition to home decor any time of the year, they are particularly useful during the cold winter months when heat loss through windows can significantly alter the temperature of your house. It’s suggested that windows - even double-glazed - can account for up to 30% of overall heat loss, and could leave you constantly turning up the thermostat. If you’re worried about how your heating bill might look this winter, fitting the right energy-efficient blinds is an investment well worth considering, and could benefit your home for many years to come. 

Although any blind is better than nothing for insulation, there are certain styles that perform better than others.

Thermal Blinds

Thermal blinds are the ultimate window covering for adapting to the climate; they keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. When the weather turns cold, the innovative design works as a layer of insulation for the house by providing a thermal barrier to the chilly outside. The perfect-fitting blinds also allow air to be trapped between the blind and window, so when it’s particularly cold you should keep them down for maximum efficiency.

Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics if you choose thermal blinds for your home. Blinds4You offer nearly 100 different designs, colours and fabrics, in addition to every blind being made to measure so that you can have a bespoke combination of both style and efficiency.

Amalfi Denim Blue Pleated Thermal Blinds

Amalfi Denim Blue Pleated Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Usually chosen for their light-shielding benefits, blackout blinds also act as great insulation and could therefore help to reduce your heating bill. When fitted properly - not a problem with Blinds4You’s perfect, made-to-measure finish - blackout blinds essentially act as a blanket for your windows, providing a screen against light and the cold. 

The extra layer of opaque fabric between the outdoors and your room reduces the amount of warmth lost through the window, as well as providing a shield from the incoming chill. 

Blackout blinds are often chosen by those who require complete darkness for a good night’s sleep, which in turn can increase happiness, productivity and overall health. Approaching your day with a more positive outlook could elicit higher remuneration at work, or even empower you to spend more time outside - less time spent with the heating on! 

Whichever blind you choose, we recommend following a few simple tips in order to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. On a bright, sunny day keep the blinds open, to allow the sun to warm up the room as much as possible and, hopefully, eliminate the need for turning on the heating during the day. You should then close the blinds as soon as the sun sets, retaining as much of the room’s heat as possible. Lastly, ensure there are no gaps around your fitted blinds - keep the cold out and the warm in! 

Naples Pitch Black Vertical Blackout Blinds

Naples Pitch Black Vertical Blinds

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