Bedroom Blackout Blinds

In the early part of spring, mornings start to become lighter earlier, with the sun setting later in the evenings. Most people rejoice at the turn of the season as it means warmer and extended days and you can sense summer around the corner. However, one thing that does pose a problem at this time of year is the early morning light naturally waking you up or getting the kids to bed whilst the spring sun is still shining. 

That’s why investing in bedroom blackout blinds will pay dividends when it comes to yours or your children’s sleep. We’ve compiled a list of options that are available if opting for blackouts: 

Bedroom Blackout Blinds in a Range of Colours

Blackout blinds for Bedroom - colour

Blackout blinds don’t have to be black! Believe it or not, you can now have white blackout blinds and still stop the light from passing through your blind. This now means you’re able to match the colour of your blind to the decor of your room without the need to compromise. If you want to make your blind a statement piece, then you can easily do so with the colour options available. Alternatively, if your bedroom decor is already singing with colour, perhaps a neutral and natural coloured blind would be best. 

Want to go for an earthy green? No problem. What about cool blue? Go ahead. The range of blackout blinds for your bedroom extends to most colours. Our range includes: white, black, grey, yellow, pink, purple, red and much more. Just head over to our blackout collection and filter your choice of colour. 

Different Types of Bedroom Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds for Bedroom - Types of blind

In one of our previous articles, ‘What are Blackout Blinds or Shades’ we discussed the different types of blinds available when it comes to blackout. This is no different for your bedroom blinds. Traditionally, roller blinds seem to be the go-to blind when choosing blackout due to the blind being one reel of fabric as opposed to something like a vertical or Venetian with slats. However, enhancements in the fabrics mean that you have more options when it comes to different styles of blackouts for the bedroom. 

There’s the choice of Rollers, Verticals, Pleated and Day & Night blinds. We would suggest looking at your window type and consider this alongside the style of decor in your room. For example, if you have a large window, then vertical blinds might be the best option from a functional perspective. Alternatively, if you want blackout blinds for the kid's bedroom, maybe a colourful roller might work best?

Either way, you have a great choice of different types of blackout blinds that will suit any bedroom. 

Features for Bedroom Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds for Bedroom - Features, stripes, pattern

So we’ve come this far. You’ve decided you want a blackout for the bedroom. You’ve decided on which type of blind you want. Great. Now you’re deciding whether to opt for a block colour or to go for something a bit different. Our range of blackout blinds come with a multitude of different features that give you lots of options to choose from. 

You could want something very bold for your bedroom blind, in which case, you can opt for stripes and checks or dots. If you want something not as bold as stripes, for example, you could always look to go for subtle flowers and leaves or patterns. Furthermore, the aesthetics for your blind can be chosen along with some key features that are a bit more functional. These include features such as flame retardant, moisture resistant and thermal. 

Ordering your Blackout Blind for the Bedroom

So as those clocks spring forward and you’re looking to reduce the light coming into your bedroom, you have a range of choices when it comes to blackout blinds. Just simply head over to our Blackout Blinds collection and browse the selection of blinds on offer. 

If you’re still undecided, you can always order a sample as all our blinds are available to order via a free sample if you’re not sure just yet.

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