Bay Window Blinds

Bay window blinds are a beautiful feature that you can add to your home allowing you to have full control of your privacy and light. 

Bay window blinds will help accentuate the wonderful and inviting structure of the bay window. Known for their appearance on traditional and historic houses they are a popular feature to homes and require perfect blinds to suit them.

Making sure your bay window blinds fit perfectly is important. That’s all our blinds are made-to-measure. When it comes to measuring and installing, we have this covered with our extensive measuring and fitting guides which will make this process stress-free and simple.

Bay Window Ideas

When envisioning how you want your bay windows to look, be sure to take the layout, style, and décor of your room into consideration. 

At Blinds4You, we are confident that no matter what era or influences your interior has, we will have a blind worthy of complementing your bay window. After all, a bay window is often the centrepiece of any room, so make it stand out!

When dressing a bay window, keeping things simple has the largest impact. Contrast with colours using our range of pattern and colourful blind options, if you have lighter walls, and create a real focal point within your window.

Do Bay Windows let in more Light?

Bay windows allow an abundance of natural light to brighten up a room, due to the large and angled structure of the window, leaving  no corner dark. Whilst this is wonderful in many ways, our blinds are on hand to prevent unwanted light penetration and additional privacy.

Bay Window Blind Ideas

In homes throughout the UK, bay windows have long been a popular choice. These windows give a room an intriguing design while providing unmatched quantities of light. Despite being lovely and elegant, many people frequently find the topic of blinds for bay windows to be challenging. But worry not, as we have some bay window blind ideas of our own to help you.

 Bay Window Wooden Blinds

Due to their many options for light control, wooden Venetian blinds make a fantastic choice for bay windows. Whereas, Pleated and Roller blinds can only be lowered or raised, a Venetian blind offers options from complete saturation with light to darkness and angled adjustments in between.

Jupiter Fine Grain Flint Grey

Jupiter Fine Grain Flint Grey faux wood is perfect for the modern home, neutral and infinitely versatile, is tempered with a light wood grain texture that adds a natural, organic touch.

Bay Window Vertical Blinds

Bay window vertical blinds look clean and stylish and allow you to operate each one separately, letting you efficiently control the lighting levels in your space.

Cara White  PVC vertical blind

Cara White PVC vertical blind has a white cracked effect fabric with a slight sheen to the pattern. A practical blind with a clean fresh feel to it, this blind will go with any décor.

Bay Window Roller Blinds

Across the UK, roller blinds are extremely popular and beloved. They are recognized for adding style and utility to regular windows, but they are just as beneficial in a bay window. 

If you have decided on roller blinds, measure each window separately rather than the bay as a whole. This is because not all of the windows will have the same measurements ensuring all the blinds fit snugly to each window pane. Check out our bay window measuring guide for more information.

Barcelona Sapphire Blue

Barcelona Sapphire Blue Blackout roller blind is dim out dark blue coloured fabric, a lovely deep blue colour that's well suited to any room in your home.

Bay Window Benefits

Bay windows create an illusion of extra space. This will allow you to have more space to experiment with when decorating the room. Adding value to your home, bay windows will allow your home to stand out due to the luxurious and classy look, but they may help increase the value of your home.

Made-to-measure Blinds

When it comes to measuring your bay windows, you need to go through some steps before hitting the order button as we want everything to be correct so you can fully enjoy your blinds.

Blinds4You have put together a handy measuring guide with easy steps so we can make your made-to-measure blinds fit snugly to your window!

How to measure a bay window for blinds

Be sure your bay window can fit the blinds you have in mind. Any item that can extend and complicate issues, such as window handles or air vents, need to be considered.

Get your tools out, pens, tape measure, etc. There are multiple headrail depths for our blinds. Before moving on, note the style of blind you desire along with its headrail depth from the table. Measure your drop as this is how long the blind needs to be, then the width again. Finally, check your measurements!

If you’re still needing more information, no need to worry check out our measuring guides for more information.

How to fit blinds in bay windows

Now it’s time to fit!

Step 1- decide on your fixing

A top fix will let your blind hang within the recess for snug fit and clean lines. For a face fix, you’re looking to block any light into the room as the blind will sit outside of the recess.

Step 2- Its time to start

We will be provided with appropriate brackets to fit your selected blinds. Get your tools out, measure, and mark where you’d like the brackets to fix and drill a hole accordingly.

Step 3- Nearly there

Attach the blinds to the brackets. Lastly, attach your safety device to the wall to tidy away any excess cord to keep it away from small children and pets.

If you’re still struggling or just want more information, look at our fitting guide.

 There you have it; bay windows don’t need to be intimidating. At Blinds4You we have you covered from the blinds, measuring guides, and fitting guides you truly can enjoy dressing your windows stress-free. Take a look at the blinds mentioned for your bay windows as they will help you to take full control of your privacy and light control.




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