Back to School Blackout Blinds

The freedom and excitement of the school summer holidays is enough to eradicate any routine, let alone bedtime ones. But, as the summer draws to a close and the challenge of a new academic school year dawns, returning to routine and ensuring a solid night’s sleep for your children is important for their education.

Blackout blinds could be part of the solution. The summer nights are still bright and penetrative light could be a burden on your child’s new restful routine. 

The Science of Sleep for Children

The importance of children’s sleep is well documented. Sleep quality impacts child development and performance, so in order for them to feel fully rested and reinvigorated for the relentlessness of the new term, minimising distraction and disruptions in the bedroom is recommended.  

Blackout Blinds for Kids Bedrooms

Our made-to-measure, blackout blinds for kid's bedrooms are ideal for eliminating light and creating a slumber chamber fit for any little king or queen. Meaning you can rest easy when it comes to bedtime.

With a new school year on the horizon, expect each day to be packed full of learning and socialising opportunities. To make sure your little ones maximise such opportunities, they need to be feeling fresh and well-rested ahead of each school day and a blackout blind could provide the peaceful night’s sleep required.

Blackout Roman Blinds

Accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your child’s bedroom and add an air of cosiness with this Brilliant Aqua Blackout Roman Blind. Snoozing will be further stimulated through the blackout lining that will block out any intruding light as well as provide insulation to harness the heat of summer and the cold of the winter. 

AQAU Blackout Roman Blind

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Blackout Roller Blinds

Add some tropical tranquillity to your kid’s bedroom with this beautiful Barcelona Grama Green Roller Blind. Not only does the parrot green vibrancy bring a little fun to any child’s bedroom but the fabric shade with blackout property prevents any unwanted light filtering into a room creating a sense of both harmony and freshness.

Green Blackout Roller Blinds

Find your favourite in our stunning blackout roller blinds range.


Pleated Blackout Blinds

Allow our Lisbon Nera Black Pleated Blinds to deliver the darkness your little ones need for a peaceful night’s sleep. Dark colours are great for creating a contrast in an otherwise bright room. Plus, pleated blinds allow further control of the amount of light entering the room, for you to be able to add a little rise and shine to your child’s day! 

Blackout Pleated Blind

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Velux Blackout Blinds

Velux windows were invented to allow as much light as possible to flood into your roof space. That’s great, unless your children are aiming to get an early night’s sleep during the lighter summer months. That’s why blackout velux blinds like this B4U Red Roof Blind were invented. Easy to install and available in an array of colours, these bedroom blinds are the perfect solution for any kid’s bedroom.

Velux Blackout Blind

 Search more blackout blinds for Velux windows here.


Child Safety First Blinds

Blinds for any bedroom serve as a style statement as well providing a practical solution to light, privacy and, in some cases, insulation. However, blinds for childrens bedrooms should also be designed and tested with safety in mind. At Blinds4you, we ensure that that is the case. Any kids bedroom blind with hanging cords or loops come with advice and child safety features and fixtures to make the installation and lifespan of your blinds an entirely safe experience. 


Blackout Blinds for a Better Night's Rest

If you’re still sceptical about how well blackout blinds actually work, examine your current window situation as to where the light is coming from. Some of it comes through gaps at the window edge, but with our perfect-fit, made-to-measure blinds, we aim to eradicate that. A lot of the light that enters is through the actual blinds itself. Often the fabric or material is somewhat translucent when it comes to light passing through.

Blackout blinds are designed with a special lining to prevent this from occurring. Once you’ve seen the difference and slept through it, you’ll better understand how blackout blinds can benefit your entire household when it comes to quality of sleep.


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