Are Vertical Blinds Still in Style?

Vertical blinds have have been enhancing interior style since the 1950s and they are still adding elegance to homes today. These window blinds are still a preferred option because of their adaptability, low cost, and excellent light control.  

Vertical blinds are known to be able to adapt to any window and their slats can be adjusted to control glare, light, and heat, making them an effective and affordable choice for many homeowners and commercial properties.   

Does anyone use vertical blinds anymore? 

Yes, in 2023, vertical blinds are still in style. When covering large windows or sliding doors, they work especially well because of how simple it is to manage the light and how effective they are to your home. 

Vertical blinds are a beautiful, practical, and versatile style of blind that allow you to take full control over your privacy, light control and atmosphere in the room. Because they are practical and are offered in an expanding number of contemporary fabrics and materials, vertical blinds are still relevant today. 

For these reasons, they are a very popular option for a lot of people. Plus, due to being very easy to install, vertical blinds are a great choice for people who want a quick solution. They also come in a collection of colours and patterns so you can find the perfect pairing for your home.   

Benefits of Vertical blinds  

The main benefits of vertical blinds are they are versatile and functional additions to homes, offices and other commercial buildings. At Blinds4You, we have manufactured our vertical blinds to ensure privacy, light control, safety, and durability, making them suitable for any room in your home. Vertical blinds fit wonderfully to larger windows and are easy to install by being lightweight because they hang on individual louvres.  

Blackout Vertical blinds  

Modern blackout vertical blinds offer excellent light control and privacy. From the way the louvers have been set up and designed it means visibility or light from both directions will be blocked, allowing you to adjust how much light and privacy you want and need.  

Blackout blinds will be most beneficial within your bedroom as they can improve the quality of your sleep. With our range of blackout fabrics, you are sure to get a great night's sleep blocking out the morning rays.   

Coll Fern Green Vertical Blinds

Coll Fern Green blackout is beautifully crafted, this stunning vertical blind will bring boldness into the room, suitable for any room.  

Waterproof Vertical blinds  

Qualities of waterproof vertical blinds are a great match for tolerating humid and heated environments. Bathrooms and kitchens will benefit the most from waterproof verticals as they won’t warp or become discoloured due to any splashes from water, meaning they can be decorated just as luxurious as your living room. In addition to being strong, adaptable, and versatile they are easy to maintain as vertical fabrics are an easy wipe, so accidents do not need to be held against anyone. 

Flame retardant Vertical blinds  

Flame retardant vertical blinds are a safe and stylish options for homes and offices. Providing an extra layer of safety to your home flame retardant fabrics are a great option. When in contact with a source of ignition such as a flame, flame retardant fabrics will slow down ignition to reduce the spread of flames. They are a must have in commercial offices and buildings.  

Modern Vertical blinds  

Vertical blinds have managed to wiggle their way into the modern-day interior as they can efficiently pull a room together in seconds. Modern vertical blinds offer many benefits including the wide colour pallet and patterns available, so you can add your own personal touch to your windows. 

Green Vertical blinds  

Green vertical blinds are extremely calming to the mind. It generates a wide range of positive traits, including peace, tranquillity, and renewal. Any room that green enters will instantly have a relaxing atmosphere. Colourful vertical blinds in decadently rich tones of green will look fabulous on any interior. 

Vienna grama green vertical blind

This rich, traditional Vienna Grama Green tone from our vertical blinds gives a sophisticated feel to your room. Our vertical blinds give you the power to filter light into your rooms. 

White Vertical blinds  

White vertical blinds give the utmost minimalism in window coverings if you want to give your home a fresh and clean finish for a new style. Regardless of the blind you purchase, there are essentially no concepts or décor styles that white blinds would seem out of place in. 

Barcelona Snow White Vertical Blinds

Our brilliant Snow White vertical blind creates a light and airy feel, so it will look great in any room. Another great feature is that it is also made with a blackout backing. 

Black Vertical blinds  

Black vertical blinds are unquestionably a daring colour choice for window coverings, which is pretty ironic when it is a common colour for fashion.  If you have a lot of extravagances to play with including textures and colours adding black to your window will become incredibly eye-catching.  

 Jura Ink Black Vertical Blinds

Jura Ink Black is an ideal blind to match any bold/dark-coloured décor in any home. The stunning texture and sheen on this blind gives that extra finishing touch to complete any room. 

Blue Vertical blinds  

Blue vertical blinds are typically thought of as a relaxing colour that gives it more creative advantages. If you choose the correct blue shade for your vertical blind, there won’t be a style or aesthetic that it won’t go with. Any strong, deep, or light blue will complement any interior beautifully. 

Opal Denim Blue Vertical Blinds

Treat your room to a look of luxury and high levels of privacy with this ​​Opal Denim Blue vertical blind. More than just a practical window dressing, this also provides sleekness and style to enhance the look of your interior. 

Grey Vertical blinds 

Grey vertical blinds are extremely versatile as it is an ideal accent colour and carries a lot of responsibility when you introduce a pattern or bold colour alongside grey. Grey will give off a welcoming atmosphere as it softens statements around the room whilst tying it all together.

The Tahiti Space Grey vertical blind is truly out of this world. The soft, versatile colour is an excellent example of neutral colours at their best. 

Vertical blinds are a stylish addition to any home and by the looks of it they will continue to be. Providing so many benefits vertical blinds take on board style, safety, comfort, and control so that a house becomes a home and blinds4you have made sure you benefit the most from vertical blinds. 

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