A ‘How To’ Guide for Roman Blinds

Interested in Roman Blinds for your home but worried about measuring and fitting them by yourself? We've got you covered with our in-depth measuring and fitting guides giving you step-by-step instructions making the process simple and effortless.


How to Measure for Roman Blinds

Measuring for Roman Blinds is easy as 1,2,3. All you need is your metal measuring tape and the below steps:

Step 1:

Decide where you want your Roman Blinds to fit. There are two options: Recess or Exact.


This is a measurement you take if you want your Roman blind to fit inside the window recess. Measure in three places both the width and drop and use the smallest measurement you’ve taken. Don’t make any deductions, that's our job!


Recess Measure


Always check the depth of your recess to ensure your Roman Blinds will fit. Roman Blinds need a depth of 45mm but always keep in mind additional obstructions such as handles or ventilation.


This fitting option is perfect if you want the blinds to fit outside the window recess. This is a great option for Roman Blinds if you want to minimise light exposure as it covers the whole window. Measure the area where you want your Roman Blinds to cover, we will make your blind to your exact measurement and won’t take any deductions. We recommend you add at least 50mm on either side and 70mm to the top. Keep in mind objects which could interfere with your blind such as protruding objects like sills or radiators.


Exact Measure


For other window types such as Angled Bays or Box Bays have a look at our Measuring Guide to learn more.


Step 2:

When you are happy with the measurements taken and where you want your Roman Blind to fit, your next step is selecting your fabric. You can do this by looking at our Roman Blind selection where you will find a range of colours and textures to choose from. Request a free sample of your favourite fabrics to see how they look in your home.


Grey Roman Blind


Step 3:

Now you have selected the perfect fabric for your home; enter your measurements, fitting type and then add to your cart. When you have completed your order the rest is up to us.


How to Hang Roman Blinds

Once you have received your brand new Roman Blinds learning how to hang it couldn’t be simpler. Set some time aside, make yourself a cup of tea and then you are ready to hang your new Roman Blind. You have two options for hanging Roman Blinds, our brackets offer two method of fitting Top or Face Fixing.

Top Fix brackets fit into the top of the window recess creating a snug and neat fit within the window opening providing a space-saving effect.

Face Fix brackets can fit directly into a facing surface such as wall or window frames and because the blinds are wider than the window recess it prevents light projecting around the edges of the blind.

Ensure that the outermost brackets is mounted at least 5cm in from the ends of the blind.

How to Put Up Roman Blinds

Once you have the brackets mounted it’s time to put up your Roman Blind. This can be done in only three effortless steps:

Step 1:

Situate the front lip of the head rail into the front of the bracket

Step 2:

Push the back of the head rail upwards to lock it into the back of the bracket

Step 3:

Finally, fixing the child safety device is an important aspect of blind fitting. Place the cord retaining device as far down from the control mechanism to prevent looped cords from becoming slack. Mark this spot with a pencil and then attach the retaining device to the wall using fixings provided.

It’s important not to miss out step three, this is a child safety device to ensure hanging cords and loops are safely secure to ensure the blind is safe.


How To Operate Roman Blinds

Your hard work has paid off and your new Roman Blind is ready for action. Pull down on the front part of the chain to lower the blinds and pull down on the rear part of the chain to raise the blind. It's that simple!

You have now successfully measured and installed your Roman Blind; enjoy the sense of achievement you are feeling you’ve earned it! Now it's time to sit back, relax and admire your success. Why not share this with friends and family and make them feel envious of your recent purchase? We at Blinds4you love seeing your new blinds in action tag us on Facebook and Instagram to show off your new Roman blind.

Looking for more information on measuring and fitting our other products? We have an extensive range of helpful guides to make your experience stress free and effortless.


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