A Guide to Waterproof Bathroom Blinds

There are a multitude of mishaps which can impact the quality and performance of your bathroom blind. In particular, an environment which is humid can cause condensation to occur. This will invite mould to grow on most materials and surfaces. If you add further moisture to the situation through direct dampening or splashing, your bathroom blinds may perish.

Keeping your bathroom well ventilated will only prolong the inevitable. That’s why we’d recommend waterproof bathroom blinds as a way of safeguarding your blinds from any bathroom blunders!

Benefits of Waterproof Blinds

Besides from the fact that they’re waterproof, there are additional benefits to choosing waterproof bathroom blinds. Here are a few highlights:

Longevity of waterproof blinds

  • Unless you’re an advocate of changing your interior to suit the seasons, you’ll want a bathroom blind which can stand the test of time and work alongside your bathroom’s decor. Waterproof blinds are designed with features to withstand water and extend their existence.

Variety of waterproof blinds

  • A wide variety of waterproof bathroom blinds enhances their appeal through their adaptability and durability. Sturdy materials which will not warp include PVC, Faux Wood and Aluminium blinds. Such materials are also diverse in the styles and designs they are available in.

Cost of waterproof blinds

  • Surprisingly, waterproof bathroom blinds are not as costly as one may think. For instance, if you opt for a Faux Wood over a Real Wooden blind, not only can you get an almost identical look, it won’t warp or weigh too heavy on your wallet.

    The Best Waterproof Blinds for Bathrooms

    A great bathroom blind should add style as well as sensible functionality to your bathroom. That being said, a waterproof bathroom blind would be the most practical option. And when it comes to style, it really is a matter of taste and finding a blind which will complement your space. Luckily, we have a range of some of the best waterproof blinds on the market for you to choose from. 


    Waterproof Roller Blinds for Bathrooms

    One of the key advantages of roller blinds is that they are easy to install and use. Moreover, their neat and tidy appearance make them ideal for a busy bathroom. The simple functionality adds to the overall practicality, particularly when it comes to giving you some much needed privacy.

    Our waterproof roller blinds come in a variety of prints and patterns applied to a PVC fabric, making them easy to maintain and keep clean, as well as durable with frequent usage.


    Grey Waterproof Roller Blind


    Waterproof Vertical Blinds for Bathrooms

    Larger and more luxurious bathrooms with full-length windows may require a waterproof vertical blind. Ideal for controlling and manipulating light, as well as providing top-to-bottom privacy, vertical blinds are a perfect fit for most bathrooms.

    With the ability to withstand water, also, our waterproof vertical blinds are resistant to mould and decay which can often be detected in humid bathrooms.

    Straight lines can be both soothing and satisfying whilst soaking in the tub or singing in the shower!


    Pink Vertical Waterproof Blind


    Waterproof Venetian Blinds for Bathrooms

    Our entire range of Venetian blinds are 100% waterproof. No wonder they are amongst the most popular blinds for households, especially bathrooms.

    Sleek, practical and affordable. That’s right, with the freedom to choose your design, colour and material, our waterproof Venetian blinds are flexible in both their style and cost. On top of that, they give you the required privacy and water resistance you need in your bathroom. What’s more is that they are resilient too. Made from aluminium, they can undergo a fair amount of folding and flipping without any worries.


    Red Waterproof Venetian Bathroom Blind


    Waterproof Wooden Blinds for Bathrooms

    Bathrooms are often a sanctuary for escapism. As a result, it’s no surprise that the need for natural beauty is often prominent in such spaces. Whilst plants epitomise the environment, wooden blinds have become the go-to for a bathroom with a bohemian vibe.

    Despite real wood warping in wet conditions, there’s a plethora of faux wood and wood effect alternatives in our waterproof wooden blinds range. The wealth of colour options leaves lots to consider. Ranging from natural to dark woods with accents of grey, white and silver in between.

    For a stylish and contemporary finish, faux wooden blinds are a perfect choice for your bathroom windows.


    Oak Faux Wooden Waterproof Bathroom Blind


    Do Bathroom Blinds need to be Waterproof?

    In short, yes. Granted, not all bathroom blinds will come in direct contact with water, if they’re not situated near a shower, bath or sink. However, the majority of bathrooms will encounter humidity or condensation of sorts, and this will eventually make your blinds deteriorate if they’re not waterproof.


    Which Waterproof Bathroom Blind is for you?

    If you’re still unsure as to which waterproof blind to go for, here at Blinds4You, we offer free samples before you buy, to help you envisage and test them in your chosen environment. We’re also approachable, so visit our website and use the LiveChat function for advice.

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