5 Spaces Black Blinds Can Add Style

Many onlookers may have often described black blinds as melancholic or claimed them to be intrusive. Whereas more modern and forward-thinking folk can see past such connotations and instead associate black with aspects of intelligence and sophistication. In turn, black blinds are being used to influence a room’s overall atmosphere and can accompany a whole host of individual tastes.

Black doesn’t just mean black. Black has different shades to accommodate all kinds of colour palettes. From jet black and pitch black to charcoal and smoke, black blinds can adjust to sit alongside vibrant, neutral and bold colours in any room. Sometimes other furnishings and textures are required to find the right balance but, typically, black blinds can give a classic and current feel to any window in your home.

Black Blinds in the Living Room

Living spaces are called exactly that due to the amount of time we spend living in that space. It’s paramount to create conditions which suit you and your lifestyle within any living space and blinds can play a crucial role in achieving a harmonic environment. 

Be it black blinds to match the window frames and break-up the brickwork in an industrial setting like below or black blinds to bolster the contemporary appeal of a lacklustre living space, be sure to bring in other textures and colours to complement your setting. 

Neutral colours like stone and sand will sit well against a black blind and create a calming and cosy atmosphere. Other organic elements such as plants and woods provide a pop of colour as a great contrast against an ink black blind. Furthermore, a nod to black through patterns on furnishings helps to correlate the colour throughout the room, like the geometric style cushions seen in the image above. 


Black Blinds in the Bedroom

As we alluded to earlier, black blinds in the bedroom can benefit your sleep behaviour, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Take these smoke black wooden blinds, for instance. Small, sleek slats give off a sense of precision and tidiness, to add further tranquillity to a sleeping space. Your privacy is protected and adjustable controls allow you to configure the amount of light you let in. 

    Black Bedroom Blind

      The dramatic contrast created between the lighter surroundings of the bedroom and the black blind bring some modern chic to the space. Again, notice accents of black included on the pillow to help with the continuation and softening of the dusky black blind, making it feel very contemporary. 

      A further element used to alleviate the abrupt blackness is texture. You may not notice, at first glance, but the vertical black blind tapes (made from cotton) add a texture disparity from the wooden blind. This subtle feature brings softness to the blind as well as support. Another texture is the wooden grain of the blind which can be replicated on the furniture and flooring for an overall natural feel. Perfect for peaceful and restful spaces. 


      Black Blinds in Kitchens

      Kitchens are considered to be the creative hub of the home. Often with creativity, we associate bright colours in the forms of orange and green, however, more modern kitchens are minimalist and use a blend of natural and manmade materials to create a calm and controlled creative space. 

      Clean colours and consistent lines complement one another well, in this example of a contemporary kitchen. Polished concrete floors and stone worktops can take the stark contrast of a black blind, especially if a kitchen is well lit.
      Black Kitchen Blinds

        Black blinds in a kitchen can also work well for an intimate evening setting. Imagine sitting down to dinner with your black roller blinds pulled down for maximum privacy and the indoor lighting doing its job to create a chilled out atmosphere!


        Black Blinds for Bathrooms

        Black can cause a space to seem condensed and claustrophobic, but that’s not always a bad thing, especially in the warm confines of the tub. 

        A sense of escapism is encapsulated in the bathroom below. Black blinds can momentarily shut out the world for a spell of serenity whilst unwinding after a long day. 

        If you’re creating a dark environment for relaxing, it’s important to use light in the right way. Be it from a controlled roller blind, candle-light or an overhead chandelier, our relationship with light is vital to our wellbeing. 

        Black Bathroom Blinds


        Black Blinds in the Office

        Whether your office is in an attic at home or on the top floor of a skyscraper, light can impact your flow in various ways. At different intervals during the day, light will either penetrate the area where it is not required or depart the patch in which you desire it. Blinds can assist with the manipulation of light at the pull of a cord.

        You can spend half of your day in your working environment, so it has to be comfortable for you and any of your visitors. Any office should accentuate a certain style. Even small workspaces like the one below can be cool and welcoming. 

        These Hampshire Black Day & Night Blinds are ideal for flexible working in an office as they allow complete control of how much light you allow in or shut out. The black woven fabric softens the space and contrasts well with the light wooden furniture and white walls for a sublime Scandinavian appeal.

        Black Bedroom Blind


        Why Choose Black Blinds?

        As you will have seen, black blinds are a popular choice for both in the home and office. Whilst you may think that black blinds would be too bold, they can bring a welcomed break in a room’s otherwise busy interior.

        Offering a sleek, formal and elegant appeal, black blinds can enhance many different environments and create a desired atmosphere, when matched well with other elements of interior design. Black blinds also benefit from practical features. That’s why we believe choosing black blinds may be beneficial to your space.

        Why choose Black Blinds?


        Benefits of Black Blinds

        • Opaque - For those who have a games or entertainment room, where darkness may be required no matter what time of the day, black blinds are an ideal solution. They can shut out light and reduce the glare or reflection on your screen for optimum viewing. Not only that but the lack of transparency and light entering your environment can help to improve sleep too.
        • Hold Heat - Although there are thermal blinds which will perform the duty of efficiently insulating your home, black blinds will naturally hang onto heat which could keep your room at a more ambient temperature. 
        • Flexibility - The multi-purpose appeal of black blinds means that you will find them adorning windows great and small in numerous spaces such as restaurants, hotels, offices and the home. The varying styles of Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds and Pleated Blinds make them adaptable to different situations and the availability of materials, patterns and textures make black blinds even more desirable.

        Hopefully, like us, you are now a believer in black blinds! However, with so many options and styles to consider, we understand that sometimes you may need a little helping hand. With that in mind, you can contact us for a chat and even order a free sample to try before you buy! Visit our website for further information.

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