5 of The Best Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are a stylish option to add a warm and soft atmosphere to your home. If you are debating whether they are right for you and your budget, then we are here to help you out. Faux or Real Wood Venetians both look amazing on any window.

Have questions that need to be answered about wooden blinds? We are positive you will find your answers here!

Wood Blinds

You may be wanting to know a bit more about wooden blinds before purchasing them, we have you covered with some of our favourite pros about wooden blinds that we want to share.

Real Wooden Blinds

There are a range of beautiful styles you can choose from and suit a range of interior designs. If you have a larger budget and want to spruce up your home, real Wooden blinds are perfect for you. Genuine Real Wooden blinds are praised for their elegance and durability so your spending will be worth it as they last a long time, plus they will look great with any interior design.

Add warmth and depth to your room with this powerful brown tone. Our Wooden blinds are sure to catch your eye the moment you enter the room. The wooden slats can be adjusted to allow as much or as little light as you please.

Cheap Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are known for being expensive and for larger budgets, however at Blinds4You we have made these affordable for all budgets so everyone can benefit from these functional and classic blinds in their home. We also offer Faux wood alternatives depending on the room and personal preference.

The best wooden blinds don’t need to be overpriced, we have plenty of shades and you can also personalise your blinds with adding on tapes. We will have something for your budget, so you get the classy look you deserve.

Berlin Linen Chalk White is a versatile, yet stunning wooden blind which brightens and uplifts your space no matter your preferred style. Harmonising perfectly with all interiors at an affordable price.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wooden blinds are the perfect option for saving money but still having a luxury experience within your home. They are designed to look like real wood but aren’t as expensive. Faux Wooden blinds is known for being easy to clean due to their PVC properties making them perfect for kitchens, just wipe them down and it will look good as new.

Wood Effect Blinds

Faux Wooden blinds are long-lasting due to being incredibly strong and durable, if you have a more humid room then we recommend going for Faux since they are the best wooden blinds for these conditions. They will not be as vulnerable compared to real wood in these conditions, meaning they are a great alternative for the classy look.

Great in all temperatures Faux Wooden blinds are perfect for temperature control as they are a natural insulator, so they will trap heat within the cold months but in hotter months lock in cold air, allowing the room to cool down fast without having windows open. Although when it is cold and gloomy outside wooden blinds act as a great layering effect with curtains as they can add softness and warmth to the room without turning the heating up so you can save money on bills.

Privacy is what we all love, Faux Wooden blinds create a peaceful and private atmosphere, as you can rotate the slats to close them off and stop nosey neighbours, whilst you are trying to watch TV at night. Even when the sun is shining through, you’re able to adjust the blinds to stop the glare but also not make the room pitch black.

Safety is the most important thing. We always ensure child safety is included on our blinds by having the snap away feature when pressure is put on the pull cord, meaning no one will be able to injure themselves on the blind when your back is turned, perfect for family homes.

We have different Faux wood options; a grain runs through the slats to give off the ultimate real wood look. Benefit from the luxurious look of real Wooden blinds but not at real wood prices. Trust us, you will trick everyone into thinking it’s the real thing.

Dark brown colouring and authentic-looking wood grain. Our Solstice Dark Brown faux wood blind will look great in rooms with a warm colour scheme or as a contrast to lighter coloured walls. 

Cheap Faux Wood Blinds

Looking to save money whilst getting new blinds then Faux Wooden blinds are for you, they are the best wooden blinds for bathroom where it can be a little more humid Faux Wood blinds will not suffer from these conditions. Faux wood is not less effective nor less dashing, they are perfect for humid areas of your home, unlike wooden blinds.

Jupiter Flint Grey is perfect for a modern look within your home. Moisture-proof and flame-resistant, you do not have to worry about warping or moisture damage. Inherently ideal for a bathroom or kitchen, this shade of grey makes our Jupiter Flint Grey faux wooden blinds look stunning in any window.

Combining a timeless look with modern-day style, our Satellite Grey Faux Wood blind is perfect for any room. Durable, sturdy, and resistant to both heat and humidity. They are affordable but also give off the wooden look without being real and are not as expensive.

Wooden Blind with Tapes

It is a debate everyone will go through when buying wooden blinds, whether to get decorative tapes or not. You may be wondering how they will make a difference to your blind. 

What are tapes? Tapes are vertical strips made of cotton fabric that help hide the internal strings of the blinds. There is a mixed opinion on tapes as they are mainly for decorative purposes and will make the blind seem tidy when on the window.

Most people select tapes for the aesthetic aspects they provide your home. You can opt for the same colour to match your blinds, or you could be more daring and go with a colour that contrasts.

If tapes are not for you and you prefer a minimalistic look for your window and interior, you can opt out to keep it simple. It is completely up to your personal choice and the look you are going after.

This Faux wooden blind Savanna Oak Brown has a bold look with contrasting tapes, this style will add a unique style to your window and will catch everyone’s eye.


Pitch Black real wooden blind are perfect to make a statement in any room. Complete the look by adding matching tapes to give you a unique look on your window. 


Fitted Wooden Blinds

Fitted Wooden blinds add a timeless feel to your home, they will radiate texture and warmth. Wooden blinds will outlive other blinds as they are durable and extremely practical.

Wooden Blind Made to Measure

For a stylish and contemporary look in your home, our Wooden blinds are perfect to dress your window. They are all made in a Venetian style of blind which are available in Real Wood or Faux Wood and are offered in multiple shades, textures and tapes making these slated blinds a timeless feature within your home.

Being made to measure takes the pressure off you, just input your measurements into our website and the blinds will fit seamlessly to your window making them the best wooden blinds for your window.

Being born in the sixties wooden blinds have never been unpopular and most people love them to this day, features have been added and upgraded to look as fabulous as they do. Hence why at Blinds4You we love wooden blinds and the effect they give off in any room therefore we want them to suit every budget. If you decide to purchase them, we hope you love them as much as us.

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