Measuring Guide for Vertical blinds in an Angled Bay window

With Blinds4You, measuring for your beautiful new blind is easy. Just follow this step-by-step guide, taking care to double check as you go and look out for some handy tips to help you save time too. Below is a handy guide for measuring for Vertical blinds in an Angled Bay window.

This guide works for:
Vertical blinds.

Step 1

Before you start measuring, decide where you want to fit the blinds – you will need to allow for 75mm for our Vertical blinds headrail. Look out for obstacles like window handles or air vents that may get in the way. If they do, add these onto the depth of your brackets to create reference measurement point X.

As well as your measuring tape, you will need 2 pieces of paper/card (A4 or A5 is fine), a pencil and a ruler.

Step 2

Place your two paper pieces side by side as shown and mark the X measurement taken before on both sheets.

Step 3

Position the paper against the window frame on the sill. Move the paper along the sill until you see the two marks meet.

Step 4

Use your pencil to lightly mark the window sill where the paper edge meets the frame.

Repeat for other angles in the frame.

Step 5





Measure from one mark to the next as detailed in the diagram.

This will establish the width of the blind that you will need to order.

Measure the distance between marks to get the blind width.

Handy Tip: Leave the pencil marks untouched –
these will be a useful guide for fitting your
new blind.

Step 6

To measure your drop, take a measurement from the top of the blind to where you want it to rest – typically the window sill. We recommend you reduce this measurement by 15mm to give clearance – it stops the fabric slats from dragging.

Once you have noted your measurements, enter the sizes into and choose the Exact fitting option. We will make your new blind to your sizes without deductions and send them out to you ready to fit.